Music stirs at festival soiree |

Music stirs at festival soiree

Carolyn Pope
Carolyn Pope/Vail Dailyrom "Carmen": Matthew Lau and Arianna Zukerman with Cathy and Howard Stone and Karin Weber

VAIL ” Splendid music filled the lobby of Larkspur at Gold Peak at the Bravo! music festival’s Presenter’s Soiree, July 17.

The event, hosted by Brightwater Club, featured the Beaux Trio, which performed Mozart’s Quartet in C Major for Flute and Strings and Felix Mendelssohn’s Trio in D Minor for Piano and Strings, Op. 49.

Brightwater Club is a 963-acre gated community development in Gypsum, half of which is open space, trails and a golf course.

“We intend for Brightwater to be a part of the community, and this is a great start,” said Russ Hatle, a director of Clearwater Development, the owner and developer of Brightwater Club.

An extensive silent auction at the Presenters Soiree replaced last year’s silent auction at the Bravo Gala.

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Items included two tickets to all of the 2006 soirees, a one-week stay in Maui, and beautiful jewelry and watches donated by Karat’s, Gotthelf’s and Currents Jewelers.

After the performance, Larkspur treated the guests to signature dishes and impeccable service.

“Bravo is what Brightwater is about ” the people are a part of the multi-generational community,” said Wells Marvin, president of Clearwater Development. “It’s the same with Bravo. It’s for the current patrons, their children and their children’s children.”

It seems some of our locals aren’t the best drivers ” at least not in Italy.

One Bravo! music festival supporter managed to upset the Italian taxi contingency when he couldn’t figure out his car was in reverse (those nasty stick shifts) and nailed the line of taxis behind him.

Fortunately, he’s of Italian descent, so, despite not speaking much Italian, he made do with hand and arm gestures.

Vail, Colorado

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