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Musical hot-pot needs tasting

Ben Quirk
Special to the DailyThe members of Lotus lose themselves in their complex act of creation 8150 Sunday at 10 p.m. and want you to do the same. Tickets are $5.

Life is transient. Nothing lasts forever. A little deep perhaps for a Wednesday morning but we need to make the most of what we have. Lets put it into perspective: We all live and therefore we all die. Mountains were created and are now undergoing the slow process of decay and destruction. The brownie I ate yesterday had an inauspicious start as a selection of baking products but oh what a glorious ending. Soft. Gooey. Warm. A little crunchy on the outside and all melting in my mouth in a riotous fusion of flavors and textures. And to think people are still arguing about what form manna might take. Hello? There are few things as transient as live music. That single moment when a variety of notes are played in glorious harmony and slice through your consciousness. The time when a lyric is improvised, or a song altered from its original format and the new, one-time-only creation spreads out across an audience like a wave of unseen fire lighting everyones faces up with smiles and sudden nods. Yes. How many of you can remember exactly what a good gig was like? What tunes were played in what order? Precisely what speed the drummer played? Probably no one can. You remember the experience, you remember the emotion. You remember dancing with your buddies, the sudden jump in energy as a favorite song is dropped in to the middle of a set, the thrill of hearing a new track played for the first time. Live music is participation, a coming together of like-minded souls for a night of music that has never quite been heard before and will never be heard again. Its nearly religious; we are the congregation and our deities are tangible. Ill see you there.

Gary Clark Jr. is so good that he actually had a day named after him. Four years ago in May, Austin city celebrated Gary Clark Jr. Day in recognition of his guitar talent and contribution to the Texan citys music community. Playing the blues on acoustic and electric guitar Clark exhibits a near innate talent for producing amazing sounds from a piece of hollow wood and six taut strings. An award winning blues musician, Gary Clark Jr. will be taking to the streets of Vail today for Street Beat before turning up the volume at 8150 later on.

Jay Nash has a voice, one that doesnt come along very often. Think about it, six billion people in the world and counting and we still only hear a few of these voices presenting themselves to us. Nashs has been likened to Eddie Vedders or Bruce Springsteens and while this may be slightly too excitable it does have a raw, heartfelt quality to it. A folk artist on record, Nash will break out an electric guitar to add power to his emotional lyrics when playing live.Supporting Nash is L.A. quartet Paper Sun. Promoting its album Good Things, the band plays a brand of funk rock with a strong retro sound thats loud but always controlled.

North Mississippi Allstars are no strangers to these parts and these two consecutive shows are sure to leave their mark, especially with support provided on both nights by Rose Hill Drive, a band currently tearing up venues left, right and center.Grounding their music in traditional blues and country, NMA only use the heritage to launch into more contemporary genres. Its most recent album, Polaris sees them power through a southern rock style litany of songs. Immersing themselves in music, the Allstars always have an ear out for how they can develop their own. Having elements in their sound learned from how cross-continental bands influence each other to the punk they played as teenagers, NMA can truly lay claim to being as musically diverse and unique as their press blurb would have us believe. Expect no survivors from these Southerners.Rose Hill Drive are a young band coming up out of Boulder that plays rock hard and fast. Noisily making waves and fresh from a support slot with Van Halen, RHD takes rock back a few steps, stripping down their guitars and letting loose with a brash, simple sound that reaches out and shakes you around.Signal Path jazzes organic electronica Signal Path likes to experiment. The band members enjoy messing around with music. This isnt the playful meanderings of children however, but trained musicians who live and breathe their instruments. Steeped in jazz and world music, Signal Path plays organic electronica so called alivetronica. And they play it well. Spaced out yet strangely precise, to partake in a live show is to be surrounded by swirling echo effects and spiraling, driving upbeat guitar loops. With a jazzy tinge to most of their work drum beats will mutate from rhythmic four x four to faster up tempo drumnbass.The Neville Brothers bring back old daysNot just a name, real life siblings The Neville Brothers come to Beaver Creek bringing with them four lifetimes worth of stories, energy and original funk. The four brothers from New Orleans have criss-crossed each other musically while recording together over the years and Saturday is a chance to become part of their rich and varied history. Remedy flies the nestJoining the Wu-Tang clan is no easy thing, leaving them must be even harder. This Staten Island native is taking to the roads to preach his own brand of hip-hop to the masses and spread his message to old disciples and new converts alike.Collect All Five shines from all overFive musicians. No front man. This seems to be the message from Austin quintet Collect All Five. The band wants all instruments to shine equally when playing live and even have special instructions for the sound technician on how to set up for performances. These strict requirements allow the band to wash the crowd in their individual style of energy-laden Latin, funk and world music in the exact manner they desire. Lotus reveals depth and energyA Philadelphia five-piece, Lotus treads the difficult organic dance music route. Making good live dance music is never easy which is why Lotus efforts should be recognized and appreciated. Currently taking the giant leap from die-hard club appearances to stand alone theatre headline shows, members of the industry have begun to sit up and take notice. Better known by music lovers on the coasts, Sundays gig is an attempt to grow support through the middle of the country as they showcase their alluring sound. With a style that builds from the thoughtful and deep into excited, energetic release Lotus members clearly lose themselves in their complex act of creation and want you to do the same.Francisco Vidal Band quietly rocks Citing influences such as The Eagles, Police and Crowded House, Francisco Vidal Band are an electro-acoustic trio who play original material and occasional special covers. Experienced live artists they tour America and Europe in a constant cycle, opening for bands such as Edwin McCain band and Bare Naked Ladies.Edwin McCain comes back smilingEdwin McCain, it seems, has led the archetypal life of fame and infamy. Platinum artist, touring and recording all over, he then found his enthusiasm waning. His cynicism of the big industry started growing and the pull of the bottle became all too alluring. Some dodgy experiences and personal reappraisals followed and the result is a new record label, a new album Scream & Whisper, and a new positive outlook on life. McCain and his band of musical brothers will be laying out this new positivity through their trademark soul and acoustic set at the Vilar Center.Lyrics Born plays a different tuneLyrics Born likes to be little different from the rest of the hip-hop world and while most artists would like to claim they are unique, LB is one of the few whose body of work backs up his case. Famed for his smooth, rolling lyrics and socially aware writings, the stage at 8150 will be filled by this Californian and his crew of DJ D Sharp and backing singer and soul mate Joyo Velarde as he prepares to promote his soon to be released remix album, Same !@#$ Different Day.Donna the Buffalo rustles the herdAs far as cult followings go, Donna the Buffalo are in danger of being listed by the FBI. Playing a constantly shifting blend of reggae, rock, folk, Cajun and even zydeco the band have inspired a fanatical following from all walks of life that come in to dance to the groove and listen to the ponderings contained within the lyrics.Vail Colorado

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