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Musical revolution

Leslie Brefeld
Special to the Daily Blues artist Anthony Gomes performs in Keystone Sunday from 2:45-4 p.m.

KEYSTONE – Blues artist Anthony Gomes is working to facilitate world peace through music.The Canadian native and current Nashville, Tenn., resident said he discovered his style of music as he began to understand a connection to a greater truth.”I didn’t wake up one day saying I was going to be a musician and I didn’t wake up one day saying I was going to change the world with music,” Gomes said.Instead they were natural discoveries which became woven into one.The guitarist began by playing the instrument at 14, then performing in a band, then writing songs. He said these early experiences taught him to understand the power and humility of being an artist.”Music has always been a healing force,” he said. “We’re using songs to create peace and love and harmony – peace in our time.”Gomes’ music began as contemporary blues, but soon incorporated rock, funk and gospel. He didn’t want to put any restrictions on his art.”To make my own mark I needed to embrace all the sounds that inspire me as a person,” he said. This led Gomes to be influenced by artists like U2’s contemporary gospel, Elton John’s songwriting based on spirituals, Ray Charles’ soul and Stevie Wonder.

These influences of roots music have stayed at the core of Gomes’ music, something he describes as coming from a common source of truth.Gomes’ musical interests include “anything that’s got a little old soul, some wisdom to it,” he said.He’ll release his latest album, “Music Is the Medicine” in August. He said the song “War on War” talks about a better way than war.”It’s coming from more of a spiritual perspective instead of political – not singling out a particular administration,” he said.The protest song is followed on the album with “Love is the Answer.” “We’re here to provide answers as well,” he said. “I look at us as messengers here to remind people we can make a difference. That one random act of kindness can change the world,” he said. “Our ultimate goal is to inspire through music.”Anthony Gomes will perform a free show during Keystone’s Second annual Blues Festival and Art Show this weekend. Catch him at 2:45 p.m. Sunday at the Main Stage in River Run.

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