Musicians performing in Avon use music to heal the world |

Musicians performing in Avon use music to heal the world

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Avon CO, Colorado
Special to the DailyMusicians Kristina Sophia and Cameron Powers have traveled throughout Arab countries singing and performing Arab music. They will perform and discuss their travels at the Avon Public Library Sunday evening.

AVON, Colorado ” Unity of the Mountains Church presents “Singing in Baghdad,” healing the world with music, by Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia on Sunday at 5:30 p.m. at the Avon Public Library’s community room. The event is free. The duo believes that the key to international peace is found in music.

Those who have traveled the Arab world generally come away with an impression of a graceful and hospitable culture which is anything but threatening. Yet even a casual mentioning of Arabic culture usually causes Americans’ faces to cloud over.

They assume that the world’s 300 million Arabic speakers are frightening and not to be trusted. Unless information about the vast peace-loving majority of Arabic-speaking people is somehow broadcast, there can be no educated and balanced popular voice in America.

Powers and Sophia, of Musical Missions, have been developing this kind of education for the last three years. They are American musicians capable of performing popular Arabic music, which gives them a powerful tool both in the Arab world and in America for opening heart-level communications.

Since 2002 they have made four trips through the Arab-world countries of Iraq, Syria, Jordan, The West Bank, Lebanon and Egypt where they have performed Arabic music, to the astonishment of many Arab-speaking audiences. This has led to invitations to participate in Arab-world society on both family and cultural levels. The two musicians joined a lineup consisting of many high-profile Egyptian singers to perform for an audience of 60,000 Egyptians in the Cairo stadium to help raise funds for the construction of a children’s cancer hospital. Television interviews featuring their work have gone out to millions of Arab-world viewers. Their experience of the Arab world is dominated by impressions of generosity and warmth.

In their effort to spread their impressions, they have now driven 38,000 miles through more than half of the American states to deliver more than 160 presentations entitled “Singing in Baghdad and Beyond,” which document their Arab-world travels and present the uplifting aspects of Arab civilization. They have received considerable local press coverage along the way and received high acclaim from the thousands of individuals who have seen their presentations.

For more information about this presentation, call 970-845-0599 or 970-390-7433. For more information about Musical Missions, visit

What: “Singing in Baghdad,” healing the world with music, by Cameron Powers and Kristina Sophia.

Where: Avon Public Library community room.

When: Sunday, 5:30 p.m.

Cost: Free.

More information: call 970-845-0599 or 970-390-7433.

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