Muslim: ‘Republicans are liberators’ |

Muslim: ‘Republicans are liberators’

Nicole Frey

BEAVER CREEK ” With Election Day just around the corner, Republicans are feeling the pressure of the possibility of losing the majority in Congress.

Smear ads are flying in all directions as candidates make last-minute pleas for votes. It’s of little surprise that the war in Iraq has emerged as Democrats’ main argument for getting Republicans out of Congress.

“Republicans are feeling guilty about what’s going on in the world, but we are liberators,” said Muhammad Ali Hasan. “Right now, there’s nothing more important than for the Republicans to hold on to all three houses of government. If you’re a Republican today, you’re a hero.”

With Republicans in power, Hasan, 26, said the relationship between America and Muslim nations will improve, Iraq will be stabilized and democracy and freedom will flourish in the Middle East.

Hasan and his family hosted a lecture in their Beaver Creek home last week to share their knowledge and opinions with the Eagle County Republican Women and their guests about the upcoming election and foreign affairs. As Muslim-Americans, Hasan and his mother, Pakistani-born Seeme, who founded Muslims for America, brought firsthand knowledge to the table about Islam, the Middle East and their relationship with the United States.

As with every meeting of the Republican women’s group, things got started with the Pledge of Allegiance and a prayer ” a Christian prayer. But the Hasans took it in stride, saying Muslims and Christians pray to the same God.

“When Osama says infidels, he’s talking about me and Mom, too,” Ali Hasan said.

Seeme Hasan started off the lecture with Islam 101, a brief explanation and history of the religion, which claims to be the last religion handed down from God after Judaism and Christianity.

Belonging to a more liberal sect of Islam that allows singing and doesn’t demand women cover their heads, the Hasans condemned the more conservative sect called Wahhabi, saying the Wahhabi version of Islam is dangerous and must be stopped. But stopping it will be hard, the Hasans said. The Wahhabis have oil money on their side.

“How do you fight somebody who’s got oil money?” Seeme Hasan said.

Though unpleasant, the only solution may be to kill the most extreme Muslims, the Hasans said.

“They’ve been brainwashed,” Seeme Hasan said. “How do you deal with someone who’s been brainwashed?”

The Hasans also chastised the media for spreading a negative and unfavorable view of Islam and Muslims.

President George W. Bush, unlike former President Bill Clinton, is dealing with the brainwashed foreign masses brilliantly, the Hasans said.

“President Bush has completely ripped apart foreign policy in a good way,” Ali Hasan said. “President Bush really is trying. … The only sad part is that what he’s done is so in-depth, the results will take five years, and by that time, he’ll be out of office.”

Instead of Clinton’s policy of sanctioning disobedient governments, the Hasans said they favored Bush’s tactic of giving money to countries to win their favor.

“Clinton’s way was pathetic,” Ali Hasan said. “It was a way of not confronting the problem. We need to work with the country, be a friend or invade because this ‘sanction and bomb’ strategy doesn’t work. We’re asking for this problem to get worse if we put the Democrats back in power.”

The Hasans said Bush’s “economic embrace” has worked in countries like Libya and her homeland of Pakistan and is making former enemies allies.

“The extra money in Pakistan is making a difference,” she said. “They told me, ‘Our economy is going so good, and it’s all because of President Bush.'”

Democracy has been touted as America’s goal of war for decades, but democracy doesn’t work for everyone, Ali Hasan said.

“Liberty is better than democracy,” he said. “We might have to work with dictators who favor liberty.”

However, in Iraq’s case, the dictator had to be taken out, Ali Hasan said.

“It’s not about oil,” he said. “We could have gotten cheaper oil from Saddam.”

Seeme Hasan concurred, saying, “Bush went for the bigger cause.

“We cannot leave Iraq,” Seeme Hasan said. “We were right to go there, but wrong or right, if we leave now, Iran will take over.”

“And then they’ll nuke Israel,” June Vanourek said from the audience.

But Seeme Hasan disagreed.

“Don’t be so sure of that,” she said, adding Muslims outnumber Jews in Israel. “Iran hates America. They don’t hate Israel half as much as they hate America.”

Jews are still in power in Israel because the Arab Muslims only receive 2⁄5 of a vote, Seeme Hasan said.

As the meeting approached four hours long, Seeme Hasan apologized for keeping her audience for so long, but her guests protested.

“We were hungry for your information,” said Jacki Allen-Benson.

With questions showing no signs of stopping, Henri Stone, president of the Eagle County Republican Women, finally called the lecture to an end.

Ali Hasan left the group with one last piece of advice.

“Don’t go to the polls with a heavy heart,” he said. “Be proud to be a Republican.”

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