My big, fat serial-killing fiancee |

My big, fat serial-killing fiancee

Nickey Hernandez

Aileen Wuornos knew how to blow the man down. She also knew how to blow him away.This pistol-packing Florida floozy was no Pretty Woman. She was white trash and a slut to boot.Her American dream involved charging $40 a pop to do the nasty with random Johns in the back of their cars.Wuornos’ ugly story comes to life in the aptly named “Monster,” a chilling independent flick that transforms the overly beautiful Charlize Theron into a pug-faced, blood thirsty, lesbian wench.Theron, the South African stunner known for her drop-dead good looks, packed on 35 pounds to capture Wuornos’ flabby form. Makeup experts altered her perfect face by giving Theron crooked teeth and a weather-beaten mug.On screen the statuesque former ballet dancer/model looks like she just fouled out of a WNBA game.But Theron’s performance is more than skin deep. Her shockingly powerful performance grabbed an Oscar nomination for morphing into the nation’s most notorious female serial killer.”Monster” is based on the sad life and terrible times of Wuornos, a career prostitute who confessed to killing six Johns before she rode the white lightning in Florida’s electric chair.Trust me, she had it coming.The slut’s first slaying seemed justified. She plugged a dude after the bastard tried to rape and kill her. The rest of the victims were sorry saps looking for cheap, roadside sex.”Monster” follows Wuornos’s downward spiral, which began over a brief fling with Selby Wall (Christina Ricci). These two misguided souls met inside a gay bar. The love-starved Wuornos considered suicide, but chickened out after her first taste of a gal pal.Wuornos tried to quit hooking, but soon discovered that no one, not even Wal-Mart, wants to hire an ex-whore.That’s when the killing began.One of the film’s better moments occurs inside a family styled restaurant where Wuornos and Wall go for a quiet night out. The gals cuddle in a booth and break out some smokes.The tranquil moment ends when a restaurant manager demands the gals snuff the butts.Wuornos goes from zero to 60 in two seconds. She leaps from the booth, shoves the manager into a wall, and challenges everyone one in the room to come get a piece of her.That scene is just one of several super-charged moments likely to grab Theron some Oscar gold.Until next time, Mr. Hernandez has left the theater to pay for it.Nickey Hernandez is a former private investigator who knows that beneath the scabs, the needle tracks and the STDs, every streetwalker has a heart of gold.

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