Nails, barbed wire found on trail in Eagle |

Nails, barbed wire found on trail in Eagle

The Dirt Surfer trail in Eagle was sabotaged this week with nails and barbed wire. The residents who found the nails left them for the police to investigate. Eagle County Sheriff's Office is working with Bureau of Land Management law enforcement officers, Eagle Police Department and Eagle's open space department.
Anne Pence | Special to the Daily |

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EAGLE — Eric Pence finished his Sunday evening hike on an unnamed game trail with an “eerie” feeling.

Pence came across a portion of the trail that has been sabotaged with hidden nails and another spot with a barbed wire crossing the trail, a popular spot in Eagle.

Authorities have been notified, and Eagle County Sheriff’s Office is working with Bureau of Land Management law enforcement officers, Eagle Police Department and Eagle’s open space department.

“Just be careful,” said Anne Pence, Eric’s wife, who went out Tuesday hiking on the trail. “It’s a bit unsettling when you’re out there. We don’t need the trail rage in Eagle. Everybody needs to be respectful of being out there. Hopefully they get to the bottom of this. It’s just not needed.”

Since the trail is on federal land, it is a federal offense and carries a “hefty” fine, said Amber Barrett, of the Eagle County Sheriff’s Office. If someone were to get hurt, then the penalty will involve charges from the police.

The nails were driven through a piece of wood and buried on the trail and the wire was strung across the trail, creating a risk for unsuspecting hikers, mountain-bikers, dogs and other wildlife.

Authorities initially said the sabotage occurred on the Dirt Surfer trail but later determined it was an unnamed game trail.

‘Be Cautious’

There have been reports of trail sabotages on the Front Range, but not in Eagle County.

“None of us have seen any other issues like this recently in Eagle County,” Barrett said.

Barrett said authorities are investigating, but they believe the sabotage might come from possible rift between trail users. Hunters, hikers, mountain bikers and horseback riders all share the trail.

“Nobody purposefully intends to offend the other user,” Barrett said. “But it’s kind of what we’re suspecting is going on. We do take seriously malicious markings of the trail with barbed wire and nail tacks, and in return, we hope that people aren’t going to go out there and retaliate.”

Police have also received reports of possible sabotage on Red Neck Ridge trail, too.

“Everybody be aware when you’re on the trails,” Barrett said. “Be cautious of what you’re coming up on and who you’re coming up on. If you see something, be the bigger person and be safe.”

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