Nature-based, women’s coaching program begins Feb. 1 in Eagle |

Nature-based, women’s coaching program begins Feb. 1 in Eagle

Susie Kincade (right), WEW Founder and nature-based coach, will lead Women’s Inner Wisdom Circle, a three-month coaching workshop for women, starting Feb. 1.
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VAIL — If you’re feeling stuck in life, a career or relationship; if you’re in a life transition or feel that you’re not living to your fullest potential, then Women’s Empowerment Workshop has a spring coaching program that may be just what you need.

Women’s Inner Wisdom Circle is a three-month transformational, nature-based coaching program that begins Sunday. It provides women with tools to know themselves, their needs, desires, strengths and the confidence to use these tools to empower and enrich their life. Women learn how to navigate their changes and transitions joyfully and with confidence.


The group will meet every other Sunday afternoon from 1 to 5 p.m., and each Wisdom Circle meeting includes an outdoor element that deeply connects women to the natural world and to their own inner knowing. At the end, a sweat lodge ceremony is part of the culminating celebration.

“Combining personal life-coaching with nature adventure in an intimate, small group environment simply works. It is not only fun, it’s enlightening and brings people to their deepest wisdom,” said Susie Kincade, certified nature-based coach and founder of Women’s Empowerment Workshop.

“I hear from so many women who are dissatisfied with their life, feel like they don’t have choices or control about their future, or are frozen in inaction about a transition or circumstance they’re dealing with,” Kincade continued. “I have created this personal coaching program for locals that is super-affordable and has great value and substance.”

Kincade is at the heart of a growing body of practitioners who work closely with the “nature effect,” using our often neglected sense of connection to nature to ignite personal wisdom, power and confidence.

Women’s Inner Wisdom Circle is limited to just 10 participants and will be held in Eagle. Learn more or register by calling Women’s Empowerment Workshop at 970-328-5472 or email Susie@Women Empower.Us.

Women’s Empowerment Workshop has been providing nature adventure retreat programs for girls and women since 2009 and has grown its offerings to include international retreats in Bali and Costa Rica, and, this September, to Tonga to swim with humpback whales and to Australia’s fabled north coast to learn soul surfing. Learn more at

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