Nearly Everything Store opens indoor archery range |

Nearly Everything Store opens indoor archery range

Pam Boyd/Eagle Valley EnterpriseSydney Wiemer, 11, draws her bow for a shot at the new Nearly Everything Store indoor archery range. The range is open for practice during store hours.

EAGLE, Colorado – For decades, the Nearly Everything Store in downtown Eagle has been the go-to locale for hunters who hail from places both nearby and far away.

And now, there is an even more intriguing reason for them to stop by and shop – the store has increased its archery supplies inventory and installed an indoor archery range for those who want to shop or for those who want to shoot.

“We have always sold guns and ammo, and then we branched out into reloading supplies. Now our latest thing is archery and the indoor range,” said Nearly Everything Store owner Annie Colby.

The range is located at the very rear of the Nearly Everything Store building and offers a 15-yard-by 6-foot shooting platform.

“The main reason we built this is because we are selling bows,” said Shawn Colby, range builder. “People want to test-shoot bows before they buy them.”

The Nearly Everything Store is selling PSE, Diamond, Martin, Bear and Quest bows and a plethora of archery supplies. What’s more, if the shop doesn’t have what a hunter needs on the shelf, that’s no problem.

“If they don’t have something in stock, they can order it. They can open up the catalogue and get anything you need,” said customer and archery enthusiast Derrick Wiemer.

“From guns sales to ammo to now, archery, we have the best prices around,” Shawn Colby said.

While the range is a necessity as part of the Nearly Everything Store’s archery business, the new facility also will be open for hunters who are already outfitted. Hunters can hone their skills inside, without having to cope with the elements, by booking time at the range. The cost will be $5 for a half hour or $8 for one hour, and the Nearly Everything Store also will sell half-hour 10-punch cards for $40.

Along with the range, the store has opened an archery servicing station where its staff can cut arrows or do bow repairs for customers.

Wiemer said the indoor range is a great amenity for folks who enjoy shooting all year long.

“If someone is interested, every month of the year there is an archery tournament somewhere,” Wiemer said.

Shawn Colby said the Nearly Everything Store is excited about the archery range because it enhances the business’ long-held reputation for great customer service.

“We like to serve our customers, and it was a need for archery hunters because they need to practice,” he said. “Hunters are good to us, and we want to be good to them.”

When it comes to archery hunting, popular movies such as “The Hunger Games” and “Brave” are spurring interest in the sport among kids and teens.

“We are selling more youth bows to girls than we are to boys right now,” Shawn Colby said.

Sydney Wiemer, 11, is a case in point. She was practicing her skills at the newly opened range on Tuesday and she will likely be a regular shooter at the site. Shawn Colby said the range will be a great amenity for archers during the winter months.

“People want to practice in the winter, but they don’t want to be out in the weather and the cold,” Annie Colby said.

Hunters also want to get their shooting skills honed by the time archery season opens. This year, that date is Aug. 25.

“So that’s a good reason for hunters to get in here and get their tuning done,” Annie Colby said.

The range will be open during regular hours at the Nearly Everything Store: 8:30 a.m. to 6:30 p.m. Monday through Friday, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m. Saturday and 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Sunday. For more information, call 970-328-6875.

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