Need a cabin fever break? Take a trip out to see the Brush Creek elk herd |

Need a cabin fever break? Take a trip out to see the Brush Creek elk herd

Colorado Parks and Wildlife official urges locals to be respectful and use common sense when driving past the herd

Local Tim Wolf shot this photo of elk from his truck on Brush Creek Road. "A couple of them winked at me," Wolf said.
Tim Wolf | Special to the Daily

EAGLE — Craig Wescoatt of Colorado Parks and Wildlife calls it the worst kept secret in the county — a large elk herd has been congregating in the lower Brush Creek Valley just as locals have been feeling the pinch of COVID-19 cabin fever.

 “I bet there are between 200 and 300 elk out there,” Wescoatt said. “This is an opportunity to go out and view a wildlife resource and it may be an opportunity that doesn’t come along too often.”

What’s more, it may be in opportunity with a dwindling shelf life. Wednesday marks the end of the Eagle County Open Space seasonal closures, so as more people venture out into the backcountry, the elk herd will likely disperse.

But as of now, the animals can still be seen in the area of the Brush Creek Valley Ranch and Open Space, the new Ridgeway property open space and even parts of the Haymeadow development area.

“You can see them from the road. Just be considerate that is isn’t OK to walk out to them. But you can certainly sit in the car as see them from Brush Creek Road itself,” Wescoatt said. “Use some common sense. If you see the elk move,  move away from them.”

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