Need cell service in Bond-McCoy, Colorado |

Need cell service in Bond-McCoy, Colorado

Barry Simmers
Bond, CO, Colorado

We desperately need cell service in the Bond-McCoy area. In the past three and a half weeks I called in three accidents to dispatch on Route 131. By the time you can get cell service you are at 4 Eagle Ranch, 15 minutes later.

There is a lot more traffic on 131 than five years ago. Logging trucks , commuters and other 18-wheelers use this road frequently. In the summer you have the river traffic, kayakers and rafters, and no emergency phone service.

If someone gets hurt or stuck on the road you have no one to turn to.

When State Bridge lodge burned down the survivor said that he couldn’t call anyone because the phone lines were burnt and he had to go all the way to Rancho to call because there is no cell service.

If you get stuck or are in an accident you have to walk at least five to 10 miles to get to a phone. We need this cell service bad for emergency reasons with all the summer and winter traffic. That hour or so to get to a phone could mean somebody’s life.

Barry Simmers


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