Need to upgrade education for Spanish speakers |

Need to upgrade education for Spanish speakers

David Le Vine
Vail, CO, Colorado

It seems to me that the testing we do of our students has sent us a consistent message that we continue to ignore. The message is that students who are not proficient in English do poorly in all subjects. I would think that should come as no surprise and would cause us to move in a new direction.

Towards that end, I do not understand why our schools do not demand that children be up to grade in English before they are co-mingled with children who are proficient. Why don’t we insist that children who only speak or read a foreign language begin their education by learning English which would certainly help them to learn every other subject, too?

It seems to me that we’re doing these children a disservice by not giving them a fighting chance to learn as much as they might.

Furthermore, their lack of comprehension surely fosters a lack of confidence, promotes truancy and ultimately increases the likelihood of them completely dropping out. And at the same time, I would also be concerned that our present system may well be impeding the education of the others.

So, what I’m suggesting is that ” no matter the age or grade ” that English proficiency comes first, and perhaps that takes a year. And I also happen to think that American history and civics should be emphasized as part of the process. Following that, a regular and comprehensive education would be much more likely to succeed. I’d just bet that the results would be positive.

David Le Vine

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