Nemerson bows out of commissioner race |

Nemerson bows out of commissioner race

He hasn’t, however, ruled out a political future.

In March, Nemerson announced he would square off against Republican incumbent Tom Stone for the GOP nomination. Now he’s decided the time isn’t right.

“I didn’t want to hurt the people of Eagle County,” said Nemerson. “We need to present a united front as a county. We’re solid, and Eagle County should know that.”

Nemerson, an investigator with the Colorado Public Defender’s Office, is involved in the Eagle County Republican Party and will serve as a delegate at the Colorado Republican Convention later this month. He said he is considering a run for the Republican nomination for Colorado’s House of Representatives District 56 seat.

At a time like this, he said, the nation needs strong leadership.

“This country is at war,” he said. “We need people who will stand up for this country, our president and his policies. I really do believe in truth, justice and the American way. This is the most important time of our lives to be an American.”

Nemerson had high praise for Stone, saying Stone’s performance as county commissioner made his decision easy.

“Tom Stone has done a fine job,” said Nemerson. “There are many things he needs to finish that he has started. I felt he needed the opportunity to do that without the distraction of a primary race.”

Now, though, Nemerson may be turning his attentions to the Colorado House race.

“There’s a new state congressional seat open in the 56th District and I’m looking at running for that,” Nemerson said. “I think I could better serve the people of Eagle County.”

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