Nevadans pay for Fossett search |

Nevadans pay for Fossett search

Barbara Garrett, Henderson

Shame on Mrs. Peggy Fossett. The disappearance of her husband in 2007 is not only devastating to her, but also to the people of Nevada, and in particular to its youth.

According to reports in the Las Vegas Review-Journal, the state of Nevada was held responsible for $687,000 in costs for conducting a search for her husband. She was billed $486,000 by the state in June 2008, but refused to pay.

State financial woes are forcing legislators to make painful budget cuts that will affect school districts throughout the state. According to the Las Vegas Sun, this will result in “bigger class sizes, fewer special programs and a requirement that students pay to play sports” as the Clark County School District, the fifth largest school district in the nation, faces millions in budget cuts. To reduce expenses, the district also changed transportation policy so that buses will not be provided for any student who lives within a three-mile radius of a school. This means that first-graders whose parents cannot transport them will have to walk three miles to and from school in 100-degree heat (Most elementary schools in the district are year-round schools). In addition, 400 district employees have been laid off. These budget cuts cause severe hardships for the school district that still needs to hire more than 700 teachers to fill classrooms for the school year.

Higher education will face drastic loss of funding as will other state agencies. The state has been forced to close a 500-bed prison. Human services will have to cut $150 million out of its budget, resulting in less services provided for needy families.

The courts estimated that Steve Fossett’s estate is in excess of “eight figures in liquid assets, various entities, and real estate.”

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Mrs. Fossett, how do you explain to the people of Nevada that they will be unfairly penalized because you refused to pay for the search for your husband? Is this your way of thanking the many Nevadans who joined in the search for your husband?

My condolences go out to you for your loss, but I am more remorseful for the many people who will suffer because of your self-serving decision not to take responsibility for the expense of the search.

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