New Aspen electric rates based on consumption |

New Aspen electric rates based on consumption

Aspen Times Staff Report
Aspen, CO Colorado

ASPEN, Colorado ” The Aspen city government has become the first public utility in Colorado to charge electric customers based on their consumption.

The City Council recently decided to implement revisions to the city of Aspen electric rates, including using a conservation-focused structure called “increased block rates” for residential and commercial customers.

The new rate system is designed to encourage energy conservation and to increase revenue for the electric utility for renewable energy projects ” all while keeping Aspen Electric rates well below other electric utilities in Colorado.

“Under the increased block rate, customers are charged depending on their level of usage of electricity,” said Aspen Director of Public Works Phil Overeynder, adding that Aspen residential customers have been charged with an inclining block structure for several years in Aspen. “The more you use, the more you pay in the block rate system. Under the new 2009 rates, the increase could range from a .2 percent increase to a 30 percent increase in electric bills.”

Aspen Electric is encouraging those concerned about the increase in their bill to contact Jeff Rice, utilities energy manager. Rice can calculate how the new rates will affect customers and provide programs, rebates, ideas and site visits to help lower a resident’s or business’ electric usage and bill. Rice can be reached at 920-5118.

Aspen’s new rates became effective Jan. 2. However, the first bills reflecting the changes will be dated April 30. The city of Aspen is powered with 75 percent renewable energy and has the goal of being powered by 100 percent renewable energy in the future.

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