New Avon Town Council elects Amy Phillips as mayor |

New Avon Town Council elects Amy Phillips as mayor

Tamra Nottingham Underwood will serve as mayor pro-tem after new Town Council is sworn in

Amy Phillips has served a cumulative 14 years on the Avon Town Council.
Town of Avon/Courtesy photo

The Avon Town Council has assumed its new makeup for the next two years, swearing in two new council members, reinstating two incumbents and seating Amy Phillips as mayor of Avon to replace the outgoing mayor, Sarah Smith Hymes.

Phillips has served a cumulative 14 years on the Avon Town Council, first from 2004-2012 and then again from 2016 to the present, and served as mayor pro-tem for the past two years. She has lived in the valley since 1985 and has been a homeowner in Avon since 1993, working in hospitality, event planning and now real estate.

Phillips was the only council member nominated for the position of mayor, a motion that newcomer Ruth Stanley chose to make the first action in her position.

“Through her over 30 years in this valley, she has always been heavily involved in our community,” Stanley said. “Amy is dedicated and puts her heart and soul into this town and town council. She has invested not only her time and energy through the years, she goes above and beyond to do her research and homework with a passion. She is transparent, honest and true to her thoughts.”

Phillips was elected to the position of mayor by a vote of 5-0, with council members Russel “RJ” Andrade and Chico Thuon abstaining from the vote. 

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With so many years of service in local government under her belt, Phillips said that she feels prepared for the role and looks forward to empowering the council as a whole.

“I know how to run a good meeting, I understand all the protocols, and I also feel that I can listen to the other council members to give them the opportunity to find things they’re interested in to help move the town forward, because you don’t have to be mayor to get things done,” Phillips said. “I hope to be able to help all six of the other council members achieve what they want to achieve on behalf of the town.”

Judge Cyrus “Buck” Allen swore in Chico Thuon and Tamra Nottingham Underwood for their second terms and Rich Carroll and Ruth Stanley for their first terms. Following the seating of the new council, Underwood was the sole nominee for the role of mayor pro-tem and was elected with a vote of 6-0, with Thuon abstaining.

The council honored the two outgoing members by proclaiming Dec. 14, 2022, to be “Sarah Smith Hymes” day and Dec. 15, 2022, to be “Scott Prince Day.” Both had completed their second consecutive four-year terms, the maximum allowed, and expressed their gratitude for having been given the opportunity to serve.

“It’s been a great chapter of my life and hopefully I have made Avon a better place,” Prince said.

While sentimental about the years behind, Hymes expressed confidence that the town is in highly capable hands.

“The incoming council that we have coming in is probably the most experienced council that has ever sat up here,” Smith Hymes said. “Even Ruthie, who’s never served up here before, she’s listened to council meetings for many, many years, she’s been to all of our events, so when you look at the people serving up here, it’s a deep bench. So I have no advice for the incoming council.”

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