New beginnings for Battle Mountain High School Huskies basketball program |

New beginnings for Battle Mountain High School Huskies basketball program

Bruce Drumm
Vail, CO, Colorado

Here we are five months from the opening of “The New Battle Mountain High School,” and the boys basketball program has taken a severe setback.

Chris Freud, sports editor for the Vail Daily, wrote an outstanding article March 11 giving a perspective of what has transpired with the boys basketball program over the past 10 years.

A threesome of parents, one of whom was the freshman coach, have demanded a replacement for Coach Phil Tronsrue from two school administrators.

Unfortunately, Coach Tronsrue has since resigned — a real professional, a man of values, a coach who demanded academic achievement as well as championship performance on the court, a man who cared about all his players, and a man of the highest moral and ethical character.

It is appalling to learn of the inappropriate and unprofessional action taken by these parents against Coach Tronsrue and his assistants Bob Reed, Dave Wilson and Josh Olson.

Now the boys basketball program has been severely disrupted. It is imperative at this time that one of these parents relocate his coaching intentions and basketball ideas somewhere else.

This individual has not been supportive and now exhibits disrespect to Coach Tronsrue and his staff. Now this has become a very public issue and has distressed the team, students, and faculty of BMHS as well as our community.

I have recently met with Mr. Houghton, the school athletic director, to seek out factual information that transpired during this meeting.

Yes, Coach Tronsrue did receive an excellent review-evaluation for the 2008-09 season done by Houghton approximately 10 days prior to this meeting.

Yes, these parents demanded Coach Tronsrue be dismissed from his coaching position and other derogatory comments directed against him.

Yes, Mr. Houghton listened to their comments, as a public official should, but I don’t understand why, at that time, our AD did not state, “Coach Tronsrue is our man, I stand behind him! There is the exit, end of meeting!”

I think that these three individuals are disillusioned with their own intentions!

Please parents, be supportive of your student athlete, be a positive influence, offer encouragement, and direct them to be committed and dedicated to their team and coaches as well as the entire BMHS.

Do not take your son-daughter out of school for that “tropical vacation” during mid-season. Can you imagine if a coach left his team for a week in Bermuda? Give that special effort to assist them to complete their studies, to see that they attend every practice and meeting, and to be on time, and that they work on conditioning and skill development all year.

Having stated the above issues, I commend the Eagle County School Board on their decision to appoint Mr. Qualman to the position as the new BMHS principal. I know that he and his cabinet members will act positively and progressively to make the new BMHS the best class 4-A school in the state of Colorado.

I challenge all students, parents, and community members to support the new school and its administrative team. Let the teachers teach and the coaches coach.

The new beginning, The new spirit, The new Huskies!

Bruce Drumm

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