New business TripHero offers to handle the heavy lifting |

New business TripHero offers to handle the heavy lifting

TripHero began after the CEO witnessed firsthand the nightmare that is luggage for hotel guests.
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Travel can be a hassle, but luggage is something that can be checked off the list before leaving the house. Locally owned and operated, TripHero is a new type of shipping company that relieves travelers of the burden of baggage by ensuring that all suitcases and seasonal gear (including skis, snowboards, bikes, and golf clubs) are safely and efficiently shipped door-to-door. 

“We want people to start their vacation the moment they leave their home,” TripHero COO Patrick Mcilvain said. “Our priority is making sure our clients experience the pleasure of traveling baggage-free and are able to enjoy themselves the entire time they are on holiday.” 

Founded in 2014 by CEO Brandon Ford, a lawyer who left New York for Colorado during the recession and worked at the Lodge at Vail, TripHero began after he witnessed firsthand the nightmare that is luggage for hotel guests. Ford saw a need for solving problems for guests visiting service-based resort communities and realized that taking baggage out of the traveling equation was the answer. 

TripHero picks up and delivers bags and gear to and from any location (houses, hotels, vacation rentals, etc.). The company is also the first and only to have employees and offices in the resorts that it serves. Additionally, if needed, TripHero can handle storage through its partner Rocket Closet. Those who book trips throughout the ski/snowboard season can schedule a day and time in advance to ensure that their luggage and equipment will be safely stored until they arrive, and then delivered to their destination. 

“Our goal is to make traveling easier and better for guests and therefore make the town they are visiting more welcoming,” Ford said. “We create a world that removes the hassle of dragging luggage around and waiting at baggage claim.” 

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Whether a client ships bags roundtrip or one way, or chooses to use the Rocket Closet storage option, TripHero sets itself apart from other shipping companies because they are logistics professionals, community supporters, and have representatives who handle the last mile delivery. A Colorado-based company with business and people on the ground in Vail, Aspen, and Park City, among other key resorts, TripHero takes the guesswork out of luggage. 

“We continue to show clients that vacationing without baggage is the only way to travel,” Ford added. “We all live here and understand what it’s like to have a lot of gear, so we’ve created a way to mitigate the issues that come with lugging around suitcases and dealing with baggage claim in general.” 

For more information visit or call 970-688-7080. 

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