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New calendar, new method

Cassie Pence

By now, dear readers, you have probably noticed the new look of the Arts and Entertianment calendar. It’s a breeze to find in the paper, since every day it anchored on pages B4 (and B5 during the busy season.) Its streamline design is easier to read, and it features “Hot Picks” – entertainment recommendations according to the editor and writers. The calendar not only looks different. We also have changed the way calendar items are submitted to the section.I, the editor, will no longer personally enter all the marvelous events happening in our exciting valley. The fate of the entertainment calendar is now in your hands – the readers, the artists, the musicians, the promoters, the club managers, the theater directors and bookstore owners, among others.To enter your event, simply go to Click on “events calendar” on the left-hand side, and then click on “add your event.” Then, fill out all the required fields in the form, like “event title,” “time,” “location” and “subject.” The “subject” refers to the event’s category. If your event fits into books, dance, fine art, music, theater, festivals/markets and other, it will appear in the A&E calendar. If not, it will go into the community calendar, which appears every day immediatley following the local section.Make sure you use the “event end date” field, especially for reoccuring events like art classes or Paddy’s Karaoke Night (which has happened every Friday since I can remember.) For example, if your bar hosts a musician every Tuesday-Saturday from Memorial Day to Labor Day, insert May 29 into “event start date” and Sept. 4 into “event end date.” Then click Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, Friday and Saturday in the “active days” field. This will ensure your event is in the calendar every day it needs to be until the musician stops playing.The real cool thing about this new system is once you’ve entered your event on the Web site, it will appear in both the print calendar and the online calendar, helping to get the word out to both locals and tourists. The A&E staff, of course, goes through each entry, edits and then approves it before print. We take out any commercial-type slogans, like “don’t miss out on the best guitar player ever known to mankind.” Just the facts and some basic description will suffice, like “Jonny Guitar Slinger plays acoustic covers and some electric originals.” And please, don’t use all capital letters or exclamation marks. It makes editors crabby and we might accidently – wink, wink – delete your calendar item. But seriously, on behalf of the Arts and Entertaiment section, thank you for helping us with this calendar transition. If you have any questions, feel free to call me on my new, direct line (and I know you’re all happy about that change) at 748-2938.Arts and Entertainment Editor Cassie Pence can be reached at 748-2938 or, Colorado

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