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New CD reviews for Eagle County

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Good Riddance, George W. Bush, Selector Series3.5 stars of 5For all those who ever voted against George W. Bush for one or both terms, for everyone who was outraged at the eight years of corruption, lies and deceit that his administration brought to our country, this albums for you.Good Riddance, George W. Bush is a collection of 10 songs by 10 different artists from the world of hip-hop, blues, folk, metal and rock, who dont take things lying down. Immortal Technique leads off with the song Payback, which is basically a laundry list of notorious deeds done by Bush and his cronies while in the White House, and it cant exactly be called light hearted. At the end of the song they encourage Bush to kill himself.With song titles like Rob The Prez-O-Dent by That Handsome Devil, Government Of Deception by MF Grimm, and Go To Hell Mr. Bush by Skeriks Syncopated Taint Septet its pretty obvious what the listener is getting into here. Though not all the lyrics perpetrate direct hatred for our 43rd president, most at least indicate a deep contempt for the man. Theres even two odes to the Hurricane Katrina debacle that outshine most of the albums content.There was a time when folk singers like Bob Dylan and Joan Baez led the charge of protest songs, now that work falls on a new generation of artists and unfortunately this album is too little too late, but at least it guarantees common ground for those unhappy with our lame duck president.Charlie Owen, High Life Writer

iSouljaBoyTellem, Universal2 stars of 5iSouljaBoyTellem is 16 tracks that all sound the same. And thats cool, because thats all anyone really wants Soulja Boy to do. All the songs revolve around the same formula: One clever line, a beat you can dance to, and someone whispering that same clever line. The result works better in some places than it does in others.Hey You There is one of the most obnoxious songs recorded in 2008. But I think thats the point. I cant imagine any other reason why a song that only has one lyric (seriously) would need to go on for 4 minutes.The albums title track is the best, with a bouncy piano and bass combo, a goofy group chorus, and Soulja Boy telling you that you will like this song, whether you want to or not. And, I mean, he has a point. This song addresses every complaint I have about Soulja Boy: Im doing interviews addressing all these critics trying to underrate me, saying I aint got no lyrics / Three-time platinum, yeah I broke the record. If you cant respect that, tell me what is you respectin? Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

Our Bright Future, ElektraTracy Chapman fits the mainstream without belonging to it, her music always plush and accessible even as it stands apart in its own small folk pop niche. Gently crafted tunes that are equal parts willowy contour and carefully thoughtful remain a signature for the 44-year-old graduate of Danburys Wooster School on her eighth album, Our Bright Future, a gathering of supple reveries that never lose their cool.Her placid voice is both tool and impediment, its mild quiver building comforting character alongside the light piano flow of Sing for You, while its gentleness keeps her from digging too deep into the troubled undercurrents of obsession within Thinking of You. Her songs are lush and pretty, nearly hypnotic as the sweetness of her singing trickles across the organ-laced shimmer of Something To See. Her sound is much the same whether the theme is hopeful or despondent, and shes even-keeled to the point of making a clinical case for love and togetherness on A Theory. Despite that narrow sonic palette, her ideals inhabit them with a dreamers breadth, a broad spectrum where faith and apprehension blossom together in delicate fashion.Thomas Kintner, Los Angeles Times-Washington Post

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