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New CD reviews for Eagle County

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This Is Love Psychedelico HACKTONE RECORDS4 stars of 5About half way through the first song on This Is Love Psychedelico I realized why I liked what I was listening to so much: It sounded a lot like Sheryl Crow. The same pop-savvy, infectious hooks that Crow does so brilliantly can be found all over the album, which is the first American release for the Japanese band Love Psychedelico. And Im not kidding when I say they sound a lot like Crow the bands female singer Kumi could be a perfect voice match on many of the songs found on this album and apparently the band is as big in Japan as Crow is in the states.Kumi seamlessly switches back and forth between American and Japanese lyrics and somehow it sounds perfectly normal. Its almost hard to tell which language shes singing in sometimes because her voice is so cool and addictive that it hardly matters. It shouldnt work really, but it does. This Is Love Psychedelico is a greatest-hits album of sorts and stands as a solid introduction to a band that more people need to get acquainted with. Its pure summertime fun; the kind of happy-go-lucky rock that is impossible to dislike, even if you dont understand all the words to the songs. Charlie Owen, High Life writer

Modern Guilt Interscope Records3.5 stars of 5In the first few tracks of his 11th full-length release, Beck sings about abandonment, more abandonment and guilt.This is not Devils Haircut, or Sexx Laws. Instead, Modern Guilt is an often off-kilter and lyrically dire collection of tracks set atop that so-layered-it-feels-minimalist production Modern Guilt teammate Danger Mouse (The Grey Album, Gnarls Barkley) is known for. These songs are not as weird or kitschy or ironic or awesome as Loser and Nicotine & Gravy but theyre still good and thats been true of everything Becks put out since whatever album it is you might think is his best.But Beck has never been willing to stay in one place.As implied by its title, Modern Guilt isnt the happiest record Beck has made. Definitely, it retains his pan-generational pop sensibilities, but the intent of songs such as Orphans and Youthless is not the same as the self-conscious irony that made Beck famous. Theyre more honest and they harp on more serious subjects, and in some ways, that might come off as contrived, especially when paired with the general atmospheric airiness on all of Modern Guilt.Theres space between lyrics and thoughts on most of the songs here, especially on the title track. They take time to develop, and theyre supported by simple, instrumental motifs, drum machines and synthesizers. Beck doesnt make bad records, and he doesnt make the same record twice. Modern Guilt keeps to that trend. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

Feed the Animals4.5 stars of 5Think of Girl Talks Feed the Animals as the most economical way to catchup on Top 40 rap from the past five years.Also, think of it as a celebration and reinvention of that music, crafted with the shameless joy that Philadelphia laptop DJ Gregg Gillis has used apparently too sparingly on his previous three records.Maintaining the album-style structure of his much-loved 2006 release, Night Ripper, on Feed the Animals Gillis has completely embraced all aspects of pop music. Cramming more than 300 samples into just less than an hour, Gillis beefs up the most persistent hits from Lil Wayne, Ludacris, Unk, Jay-Z, Missy Elliott and Yung Joc with classic pop samples, including great moments with bits from The Band, The Cure and Journey. Somewhere in the process, he ends up with something new.My favorite of the pop culture nostalgia moments is this: A little more than 20 minutes into the mix, Gillis brings in the piano line from Yael Naims New Soul, and Eminems Shake That, a vulgar party anthem that was an afterthought to Curtain Call: The Hits. Most people never heard the song. The way Gillis pairs these samples, so they hit their strides at just the same time, makes them better than they were before.Feed the Animals is full of moments like that, where pop music is what its supposed to be: Superficial, simple and fun. Margaret Hair, Steamboat Pilot & Today

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