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New CD reviews for Eagle County

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“Mega Breakfast” Ghostly Int’l

4 stars of 5

London-based modern-pop group “The Chap” have a strange and charming quality that defies description. Their latest album, “Mega Breakfast,” is like a magnet that keeps pulling you in for another listen even if you can’t figure out why.

The futuristic sound of “Mega Breakfast” is what I imagine the Jetsons listening to on their version of a popular radio station. Not to say that The Chap can’t be grasped by 2008 minds, it just feels like they’d rather not be. The electric-dance groove “They Have A Name” kicks off the CD with an exuberant beat and scratchy synthesizers then bleeds into the ultra-catchy tune “Fun and Interesting,” with the silly commentary on society’s selfishness: “Come on, come on cloner/ Clone me another me/ My generation/ Needs another me.”

Things float in that odd and ridiculous realm for most of the albums running time, daring the human race to take itself too seriously.

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“Outer space is not a better place, Grace/ Proper songs for real folk” go the lyrics to “Proper Rock.” “Mega Breakfast is full of proper songs for people from outer space ” but we Earthlings can enjoy them, too.

” Charlie Owen, High Life writer

“All I Intended To Be” Nonesuch

4 stars of 5

It’s hard to knock anything that Emmylou Harris does. Even when it’s not her best work, it’s still really good because Harris obviously knows what she’s doing. “All I Intended To Be” is a great low-key country album and Harris is on point with her delicate vocals, setting an almost grim tone with lyrics like “Now I live in silence/ Though I’m not quite in a shell/ I drink and listen to that song/ A whiter shade of pale” from the song “Broken Man’s Lament.”

Any fan of Harris will settle in comfortably with “All I Intended To Be,” just as any new listener will hopefully find a nice reprieve from the bubblegum country music that has taken the airwaves hostage. Harris is from the old guard of country musicians who would rather craft a beautiful and meaningful song than one that is sure to get constant radio play. Her talent and patience really shine through on “All I Intended To Be.” Although she didn’t write all of the songs on the album, she takes the time to make covers of songs like “All That You Have Is Your Soul” by Tracy Chapman and “Kern River” by Merle Haggard sound different and unique, so much so they could easily be mistaken for Harris’ original material.

Who knows if “All I Intended To Be” really is all Harris intended, but if there’s more, bring it on.

” Charlie Owen, High Life writer

“Forgiven” Sony

2.5 stars of 5

When Los Lonely Boys busted onto the scene in 2004 with their monster hit single “Heaven,” they were the darlings of radio for months. “Heaven” was part of their self-titled album, which went double platinum.

Though the band’s never really been able to recreate the success of “Heaven,” they’ve still remained a fairly popular live act. “Forgiven,” the band’s third studio release with Epic, is just more of the same and exactly what you’d expect from Los Lonely Boys ” more Stevie Ray Vaughan-style guitar licks and Tex-Mex blues-rock that sounds pretty flat and uninspired. It’s clear they’ve fallen into their own trap, believing their own hype, but does the rest of the world?

True, “Forgiven” is a confident and even competent effort, but that’s because it takes no chances, playing it safe right down the line. Maybe they’ve decided to run away from “Heaven” rather than embrace it as their crowning achievement, but where are they running too? It’s almost like they tried to make an album without a radio hit to prove they don’t need another one to be successful. There’s just one problem, most people know Los Lonely Boys as a radio band. Don’t run away from it boys, embrace it.

“Forgiven” is not a failure in that it shows exactly what the Boys do best, just don’t expect to find heaven with this album.

” Charlie Owen, High Life writer

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