New cookbook showcases Vail recipes |

New cookbook showcases Vail recipes

Sarah Mausolf
Vail CO, Colorado
Special to the Daily

VAIL, Colorado ” A new cookbook lets foodies duplicate their favorite meals from valley restaurants. Local chefs reveal the blueprints for their signature dishes in “Vail Cooks … for you!”

Published by the Vail Chamber and Business Association, the cookbook hit the shelves of local bookstores just before Christmas and has sold about 450 copies.

Editor and chamber executive director Kaye Ferry said her passion for cooking inspired the book in part.

“I’m a fairly avid cook and we represent a lot of restaurants and so forth in town and it seemed one of the things that had never been done was a fairly inclusive cookbook that represented Vail,” she said. “There had been a paperback book done two years ago. This is the first time that I’m aware of that there’s been a hardcopy cookbook of any kind available in town.”

This past spring, the chamber reached out to local restaurants to obtain their recipes. More than 30 eateries jumped at the chance to spill their secrets.

“We tried to encourage people to include recipes where the ingredients were obtainable and the recipes were somewhat reasonable in terms of preparation,” Ferry said.

The book guides cooks through dishes like Restaurant Kelly Liken’s Tomato Consomme Martini, La Tour Restaurant and Bar’s chocolate cake and Montauk Seafood Grill’s Hawaiian Ahi Poke.

Montauk’s chef said he chose dishes people can make without a professional kitchen.

“A lot of the recipes we have are pretty labor intensive, so I tried to go with some of our simpler recipes that really showcased fresh fish,” Dimitri Souvorin said.

He surrendered the formula for “Mariner’s Mussels” and “Montauk Manhatten Clam Chowder.”

“I don’t feel that it really diminishes from the restaurant at all to give away those recipes,” Souvorin said. “I think if anything I piques people’s interest in what we’re doing here.”

Westside Cafe and Market in West Vail gave up the recipe for its Captain Crunch French Toast.

“The Captain Crunch French Toast is very unique to the Westside,” owner Ryan Thompson said. “People can’t find it anywhere else and it’s one of our top sellers on the menu that people always inquire about.”

While chefs contributed to the book, the bulk of the recipes come from residents and visitors. To get the word out about its hunt for recipes, the chamber contacted its members, put notices in the newspaper and left word on its bulletin board.

Proceeds from the book’s sale will flow to the chamber, a nonprofit organization that represents valley businesses. Ferry said the book makes for a good keepsake.

“When a guest comes, they always like to take something of Vail with them,” Ferry said. “This is something they can take back and use over and over ” and if they’re lucky, some of the chefs have included their favorite dishes so they can recreate it at home.”

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