New craze: Beverage, entertainment and dining |

New craze: Beverage, entertainment and dining

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EAGLE COUNTY – Slifer Designs has big ideas, and they’re not afraid to show them off.

On Aug. 24, the design firm hosted a “B.E.D.” party – which stands for beverage, entertainment and dining – inspired by nightclubs and restaurants popping up all over the nation, in such hot spots as Miami and New York City. Yep, people are giving up their tables and chairs for something “a little more comfortable.” Don’t worry that this is some new low in morality – the Romans were doing this a couple of thousand years ago! Bedrooms are becoming a major design trend, with people showing of their boudoirs with elegant or trend-setting touches. In having this party, Slifer killed two birds with one stone: They were able to show off their talented designers in a unique setting as well as raise money for Habitat for Humanity.

It was a natural fit. Habitat for Humanity, of course, is that fabulous organization that helps low-income families build their own home with the help of volunteers and donors. “Integrating beverage entertainment dining with our interior design work seemed picture perfect,” said Johanna Alperin, a marketing assistant. “But it wasn’t enough. Slifer Designs wanted to give back to the community. Habitat for Humanity’s mission – five homes in ’05 – was a perfect way in which we could do just that. “Hence, our five bed teams,” she added. “Habitat for Humanity and Slifer Designs also share a common goal: To fulfill our community members’ ever-changing wants and needs.”Five stunning bedrooms were placed strategically around the room, each with a theme, and a martini to match. Numerous faux beds were scattered throughout the room, giving the guests and opportunity to lounge, sip their martinis, and enjoy the yummy cuisine provided by Sue Provost and her team from Mountain Catering.The guests cast their votes for their favorite bedroom and a panel of “celebrity” judges also selected their choice. Each of the bedroom sets, including furniture and bedding, were auctioned off. The winning bedroom set was designed and built by Slifer’s “Green Team,” an entirely sustainable, ecologically sound bedroom set entitled “Pura Vida.” Vail, Colorado

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