New development underway in east Avon |

New development underway in east Avon

Heavy equipment vehicles perform grading work Thursday on a 38-acre parcel of land on the north side of I-70 in east Avon. Developer Traer Creek LLC has begun efforts to bring a commercial and residential project to the area.

AVON — By now, you may have noticed a good bit of development underway north of Interstate 70 at Post Boulevard in east Avon.

Finally free of the litigation that stalled efforts there for a decade, Traer Creek LLC has begun efforts to bring a mix of commercial and residential properties to the area, with pioneer roads in place, soil testing underway and water infrastructure in the ground.

The part most visible from I-70 is a 38-acre parcel abutting Colorado Department of Transportation land just east of the Post Boulevard exit, where plots of land are being prepared for commercial properties along the freeway. The land has been leveled out there and infrastructure including sewer, gas and electric are expected to go in next spring.

"The plan is to have the pads you see there be turn-key, so the users will have access to the road utilities from their entrances," said Michael Lindholm with Traer Creek LLC.

“When you drive up there, you can see there’s views of the New York Mountains, Holy Cross and the Gore Range, and Eagle-Vail and its golf course look really great from there, as well.”
Michael Lindholm
Traer Creek LLC

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Beyond the immediate commercial area, several roads are being prepared, with pioneer roads in place for soil testing to be done. A pioneer road is first constructed for the purposes of collecting soil samples from the areas where a road as we know it will someday go. During the past couple of months or so, 20 borings have been drilled along a pioneer road that runs parallel to I-70 to the north in an area proposed for residential use. The soil samples collected in those borings are currently being sent to a lab to be analyzed.

Lindholm said from what he's heard from engineers, the preliminary results on those soil samples have been positive. They're hoping to have the final findings by Thanksgiving.

Those findings will determine whether or not the roads that have been conceptualized for the 1,300-acre hillside residential area will require more work. If every road and every lot is able to be used, then there's room for 280 dwelling units, which could include apartments, condos and homes.

"What it will look like up there depends on what we see from the soil samples," Lindholm said. "But there's other factors, as well. We may decide some lots would be better used for pocket parks, and some roads may require some modification, depending on the soil, but we're in the process of doing our due diligence. It will be a first-class residential area, with part of it having a smaller feel and then later portions being reserved for larger homes. When you drive up there, you can see there's views of the New York Mountains, Holy Cross and the Gore Range, and Eagle-Vail and its golf course look really great from there, as well."


While the heavy equipment and earth movers will soon return to their garages for winter, that doesn't mean work will stop on the project. Traer Creek LLC is enlisting the help of a brokerage firm during the winter months to find the right tenants for the areas that could come online next summer.

"The broker's job is not only to efficiently use the land, but to find the right tenant mix," Lindholm said. "At this point, we're not sure 100 percent what it will look like. But the broker will be working hard at finding the right tenants this winter, and we could see shovels in the ground by next summer."