New Eagle County logo is to much |

New Eagle County logo is to much

Frank D. McKibben
Vail, CO, Colorado

It is truly a shame that our county commissioners have so little to do that they decided to pursue their latest folly of wasting taxpayer money redesigning the county’s logo. The $36,000 they spent would have gone a long way toward the salary for an additional officer to help out our overtaxed Sheriff’s Office.

Now that I see the design, it’s clear that they do not even know how to get good value for our money when they spend it. The Vail Board of Realtors recently designed a logo for our organization, and I dare say it conveys the message a whole lot more clearly than what the county wasted our tax dollars on.

Total cost: around $1,000.

The point is, the commissioners need to be stewarding our county government through some challenging times right now, but they instead direct their efforts at questionable pursuits like this.

Didn’t they learn anything from their misadventure to rename the airport? Or how about the Home Store? I’d like to know the transaction cost for every home they have sold.

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Come on, people. We have real work to do. Stop wasting time and money on these silly projects.

Frank D. McKibben

Editor’s note: It bears reminder here that this is an old expense from 2007, and what’s new is the logo design itself. The current Board of Commissioners did not commission this effort.

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