New Eagle County logo’s unremarkable |

New Eagle County logo’s unremarkable

Maria Minick
Eagle County, CO, Colorado

Oh, Patty Dorf, it was such a good chuckle to read your logo letter (with which I agree) in Sunday’s Daily! All those wordy and glowing ” but meaningless ” descriptions (as you called them … logospeak!) of the new logo were contrasted with the simple and sparse (read: dismissive) descriptions of the old logo offered by the county on its voting Web site. You can tell which logo the county is pushing. Of course! If the new logo is chosen, they can feel the $36,500 is sort of justified ” sort of.

It’s shameful how the commissioners wasted our dollars in an apparently secretive, no-bid manner, excluding our local talent.

As someone noted in a comment, a contest among local high school students, with a prize for the winner of say, $500, would have yielded a better logo than this offering from Texas’ GO GO Creative.

This new choice for a logo is OK, but it is so generic, so unremarkable, like hundreds of other “modern-style” logos these days on everybody’s business cards, etc., and this cost us $36,500?

The commissioners, plus the person who suggested the no-bid in the first place, should each reimburse the county coffers $9,125. Was the no-bid process legal, by the way? Never mind ethical.

Plus, their Web site for voting is not available today, Monday. What gives? Maybe they’ve gone in to change the blatant “pushing” of the new logo alongside their dismissal of the old. It was so transparent.

Maria Minick


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