New events scheduled for Vail in 2010 |

New events scheduled for Vail in 2010

Lauren Glendenning
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado –If the town of Vail’s Commission on Special Events gave every organization and event exactly what it asked for in 2010, the Commission would have come up more than $844,000 short.

The seven-member Commission on Special Events board met Wednesday morning and chipped away at whatever it could in order to give funding to established events, as well as events in which board members see potential. The Vail Town Council put the Commission’s 2010 budget at $791,810, the same amount as the 2009 budget.

One of the new events board members see potential in is the Colorado Soul Festival, a new event in August that would host soul musicians, cultural activities, seminars and workshops.

Board member Meggan Kirkham said music events are a big asset to the community, and she said there isn’t a soul music festival or anything like it anywhere else in the state. The Commission voted to give $50,000 to Legacy Entertainment to use for the festival – one of the largest allocations in the commission’s $789,000 expenditures budget.

The Commission gave large chunks of money to obvious events like the Teva Mountain Games ($75,000), Vail’s Fourth of July celebration ($50,000), Oktoberfest ($55,000), Snow Daze ($50,000), Spring Back to Vail ($55,000), the Taste of Vail ($20,000) and the Vail Film Festival ($45,000), but the commission had to leave room for the new events at the expense of some other events.

The majority of events got less money than they did in 2009. Some lost more than others, and some lost funding all together.

The Vail Symposium’s Unlimited Adventure Series got $3,000 in 2009, but nothing in 2010. Members said they like the program, but pointed out the town already donates Donovan Pavilion and cash from the public library.

Sweet on Vail was a new event last year that had vendors selling various desserts along Meadow Drive. Board members also liked the event, but called it a “victim of the budget” – they had to cut somewhere.

The commission gave money to new events that members think could bring people to town and put “heads in beds.” It gave $20,000 to the Vail Gaelic Games, $45,000 to Vail Restaurant Month and $20,000 to sports tournament programs sponsored by the Vail Valley Partnership and the Vail Recreation District – all new events in 2010.

Vail Town Council candidates have been talking about special events in town throughout their campaigns, mostly agreeing that events bring people to the town and the town needs to attract people more than ever because of the sluggish economy.

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