New heroin strain kills Avon man |

New heroin strain kills Avon man

Kaile Wilson was charged with criminally negligent homicide in the drug overdose death of an Avon man.

AVON, Colorado – A more deadly strain of heroin being introduced into the valley killed an Avon man, according to authorities, and the woman who sold it to him is charged in connection with his death.

Avon police arrested Kaile Leigh Wilson, 24, of Edwards, Thursday night following a two-week investigation.

“It seems there is a more lethal strain of heroin in this area, and we want the public to be wary of it,” said District Attorney Bruce Brown.

Williamson’s death is one in a string of recent drug overdoses in the 5th Judicial District from the stronger and more deadly strain of heroin, Brown said.

“This has truly become a public safety issue in Eagle and Summit counties,” Brown said. “We want to make the community aware of the risks associated with its use, but also want to make all dealers aware of the very serious consequences that they will face if caught distributing this within our district.”

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About 6 a.m. Feb. 13, Matthew Williamson’s roommate in Avon called police to report that Williamson was not breathing. When police arrived, they determined that Williamson was already dead and had been for some time.

Police searched the apartment and found “a variety” of drug paraphernalia, including a bent spoon that contained heroin residue and a belt that appeared to have been used as a tourniquet, according to the district attorney’s office.

Police said the autopsy and toxicology tests found that Williamson had died from “multiple drug intoxication.” Heroin was among those drugs, Avon police said.

Their investigation included Williamson’s cell phone and Facebook account, and led them to Wilson, police said.

She is accused of selling the drugs to Williamson that caused his overdose and death.

“This arrest was based on more than two weeks of detailed and persistent investigation by Avon detectives in an excellent partnership with the district attorney’s office,” said Avon Police Chief Robert Ticer. “Anytime someone dies of an overdose it’s a tragedy, and this arrest showcases that law enforcement considers the distribution of illegal narcotics in Eagle County a very serious offense, and will pursue equally serious charges for perpetrators.”

However, authorities said if you or someone else is in trouble, call right away.

A new law in Colorado allows people to report victims of a drug overdose, and not be held liable for either supplying or doing those drugs with them.

If you call 911 or the police, you have to remain at the scene and cooperate with the first responders.

The Colorado state Legislature passed the law last May.

A similar law covers alcohol. They’re aimed at making it easier for people for call for help when they or their friends need it, Brown said.

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