New life for the old Trail |

New life for the old Trail

Don Rogers

Wouldn’t it be ironic if the Vail Trail’s arch-nemesis became the paper’s savior?

Face it, the end was near when the Vail Daily’s parent company announced the purchase of the the Trail on Friday the 13th.

These past few years we’ve watched our competitor shrink from a daily to a weekly that steadily got skinnier. They thinned from a good 72 pages strong as recently as two years ago to 20 pages last Friday and 24 pages this Friday, leading into Presidents Day weekend.

The page counts show the flight of advertisers, and surveys showed slippage in readership. It’s difficult to survive when you’ve lost your readers and the advertisers who count on those readers seeing their ads.

It is a tough business, but it would be a sad day if the 39-year-old paper closed.

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Thanks to the Daily’s owner, Swift Newspapers – a family owned operation, incidentally – the Trail has a shot at new life.

The Trail’s new owners, obviously, feel optimistic that the paper can become healthy and vibrant again.

The weekly will remain editorially independent of the Vail Daily, and we expect our viewpoints at times to clash. The new Trail will have its own staff and office space, along with the benefit of deeper pockets to operate.

Readers can expect changes as the Trail strives to grow more relevant, gain more readers and bring in more of that advertising lifeblood any paper needs to survive and thrive. After all, continuing down the same old path would work only as a definition for insanity.

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