New Mind, Body and Appetite dinner series begins January at Harvest Kelly Liken |

New Mind, Body and Appetite dinner series begins January at Harvest Kelly Liken

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Chef Kelly Liken's Mind, Body and Appetite series uses the essential elements of earth, water and fire for inspiration.
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EDWARDS — Colorado chef and restaurateur Kelly Liken, a three-time James Beard Award nominee and “Top Chef” alum, announced a new culinary wellness series focused on Mind, Body and Appetite at her new restaurant, Harvest By Kelly Liken, located at The Sonnenalp Club in Edwards.

Beginning in January and taking place monthly thereafter, the Mind, Body and Appetite series uses the essential elements of earth, water and fire for inspiration, incorporating each into the series to complement movement, nutrition and cuisine. Each experience is geared toward inspiring the mind, nourishing the body and feeding one’s appetite while demonstrating how the various aspects affect everyday life.

Each event begins in The Sonnenalp Club’s new Movement Studio with 45 minutes of yoga and meditation taught by renowned yogi Suzanne Oliver, concentrating on one of the three elements. After the yoga class, participants move into The Lounge at Harvest by Kelly Liken to hear a talk from Ashley Eaves, certified nutritionist, dietitian and intuitive coach about how the element affects the body, followed by cuisine created by Liken, composed of ingredients chosen by Eaves, from a customized menu that stimulates the appetite while interpreting the components of each element through a culinary lens.

Series schedule

• Jan. 25 — Earth Element (Prithvi) represents all that is stable and unwavering.

Mind: Yoga class includes standing postures and gentle hip openers, ending with a guided meditation and grounding breath work.

Body: Eaves showcases the effect of grounding the body through nutrition and its application on mind-body balance.

Appetite: Liken’s menu focuses on her love of earthy, hearty winter vegetables while incorporating a healthy balance of macronutrients.

• Feb. 22 — Water Element (Apah Jala) represents the force of attraction and enables flow, circulation, rhythm and fluid movement.

Mind: Oliver’s session focuses on using the breath as the guide, as well as meditation to bring intention to thoughts and desires.

Body: Eaves discusses the effects of water, hydration, nutrients in fresh juices from fruits and veggies, omega-3, detoxing and healthy digestion.

Appetite: The menu spotlights fresh seafood, healthy fats and umami vegetables, as well as juice bar offerings from The Pantry at Harvest.

• March 22 — Fire Element (Agni) delivers a spark of heat, stimulation and movement, digestion and attitude.

Mind: The yoga session focuses on drawing energy up from the earth into the core of the pelvis, firing up power for arm-balancing postures.

Body: The nutrition session focuses on metabolism and the effects of caffeine, proteins, carbohydrates and spicy foods on the body.

Appetite: Liken’s menu incorporates spicy foods that are known to boost metabolism.


The Mind, Body and Appetite series starts at $65 for Sonnenalp Club members and $80 for nonmembers for each session. For those looking to purchase all three classes, prices start at $175 for members and $215 for nonmembers. Each event takes place from 4 to 6 p.m. Specialty elemental cocktails are also available for an additional charge during the culinary portion of the experience.

Reservations and advance bookings are required. Sonnenalp Club Members may reserve through the calendar page of the member website, Nonmembers may reserve by calling the fitness center front desk at 970-477-5377.

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