New pool added to plans for Eagle-Vail |

New pool added to plans for Eagle-Vail

EAGLE-VAIL ” Eagle-Vail says it’s making progress with some of the suggestions outlined by the comprehensive study done on the neighborhood by land-use experts.

The final version of the Urban Land Institute study, which made a number of suggestions about Eagle-Vail’s future, was published a few days ago, and residents can now look at the full study on the neighborhood’s new Web site.

The neighborhood’s two governing boards ” the property owner’s association and the metro district ” are close to drawing up an agreement that would arrange for the two boards to work together and make joint decisions. A joint board was recommended by the study.

“We’re going full-speed ahead with this,” said property owners association board member Tracy Walters. “We’ve been talking to our legal consul, and we’re very close.”

The neighborhood has started plans for a new pool, too ” the study recommended improving Eagle-Vail’s recreational facilities.

The challenge will be funding the improvements in the midst of a troubled financial market, but the boards are looking for ways to continue with the plans, Walters said.

The next step for the neighborhood will be another community meeting to be held on Nov. 20.

Representatives from the property owner’s association, the metro district and the school district, all of whom helped fund the study, will be there to answer questions, said metro district general manager Kim Ahmad.

Eagle-Vail resident Katherine Bugby said she thinks Eagle-Vail is going in the right direction, but it could use a bit of “sprucing up.”

The experts recommended adding improved rec facilities at the plan’s “town center” along with a few neighborhood stores.

“If you go to Edwards, there’s the Homestead Court Club. East Vail has the Racquet Club, and Avon has the rec center,” Bugby said. “Something like that would be great.”

Eagle-Vail resident Lisa Reeder said she liked the study’s suggestion for a neighborhood path and better transit connection.

“We are centered off the highway,” Reeder said. “It’d be nice to be able to walk to a community center.”

However, both said they were concerned about the costs of some of the suggestions.

“A lot of these improvements need to be voted on,” Bugby said. “I’m for modest improvements. I can’t pay too much more and stay here.”

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