New regenerative medical practice opens in Edwards |

New regenerative medical practice opens in Edwards

HL ThriveMD DT 12-20-12

EDWARDS – ThriveMD is a new medical practice located in Edwards that offers regenerative and restorative medicine. Dr. Scott Brandt, medical director for ThriveMD, specializes in minimally invasive stem cell therapies to repair traumatic joint injuries in knees, shoulders, hips, wrists, ankles and specific spine conditions. Dr. Brandt also provides natural, bioidentical hormone replacement therapy for men and women interested in optimizing their health and preventing the diseases associated with aging. Other services offered by the clinic include medical diets and restorative treatments for hair and skin utilizing growth factor technology.

For the past 15 years, Dr. Brandt specialized in interventional pain management and is now one of the few physicians in the country to be trained in a minimally invasive technique that is saving many patients from undergoing difficult joint replacement surgery.

“Stem cell therapy is groundbreaking medical science that uses the body’s healing response to repair tissue in damaged joints,” said Dr. Brandt whose technique begins by taking a patient’s own stem cells found in fat tissue, concentrating the cells into a small injection, and then reintroducing them using image-guidance into the area of concern.

“Stem cells stimulate the body to repair and replace tissue that has disintegrated over time or been traumatized from injury or overuse,” he continued. “Most patients experience pain relief in two to 12 weeks. Over a period of six to 12 months, most can see positive changes on their MRIs.”

Dr. Brandt is equally enthusiastic about the results he is getting with bioidentical hormone replacement therapy. He points out that as we age, we experience significant changes in our body that are often caused by decreased hormone production.

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“Whether its weight gain, difficulty sleeping, lack of energy, decrease in libido or other ailments, an individual’s quality of life can be drastically affected,” he said. “Bioidentical hormone replacement therapy has made it possible for men and women to restore the energy they felt at their prime, keeping them active in every way: physically, socially, emotionally and sexually.”

Bioidenticals are natural, plant-derived hormones identical to your body’s own, and they’re free of the risks associated with synthetic hormones. Dr. Brandt has undergone extensive training by the leading authority on bioidentical hormone replacement therapy, Dr. Neal Rouzier.

Since relocating to the Vail Valley, Dr. Brandt’s practice has been devoted to stem cell therapies and bioidentical hormone replacement. He is licensed in the state of Colorado, board certified by the America Board of Anesthesiology, and has been a diplomat of the American Board of Pain Medicine.

ThriveMD is located at 56 Edwards Village Blvd., Suite 113 in Edwards. For more information, call 970-766-VAIL or visit

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