New restaurant to open in Avon |

New restaurant to open in Avon

AVON, Colorado – Avon’s restaurant scene is changing this fall, with a new restaurant opening in place of an old one, and one of the town’s existing restaurants moving into new space.

Cody Kennedy is the general manager of the new Castle Peak Grille, set to open later this month in the Traer Creek Plaza space most recently occupied by ZaccaZa. He’s opened a few restaurants in his years in the business, and said the process is always a combination of the excitement of creating something new and the pressure of hitting various deadlines before throwing the doors open to the public.

At the moment, the deadlines don’t seem to be a problem. Kennedy said schedule originally called for the restaurant to open in early November. The plan now is to open the week before Halloween.

Kennedy and much of the rest of the crew are ZaccaZa veterans – Kennedy has been operations manager at both ZaccaZa and La Tour – and are eager to get back to business, and not just for themselves.

“We want to be a true locals’ restaurant for Eagle-Vail and Avon,” Kennedy said. “We’re looking forward to taking care of the people we see in social situations.”

When the new restaurant opens, customers will find an expanded bar area, so there will be a little more room to enjoy a beverage and watch a game. They’ll also find a new menu, which Kennedy called “American pub fare.” That includes burgers, flatbread sandwiches and steak and potatoes.

Kennedy said the new restaurant might get a boost from people who used to eat and drink at Paddy’s, he added he’s usually a believer in the idea it’s helpful to have more restaurants in an area.

Adam Roustom is a firm believer in the more the merrier theory, too. Roustom, owner of the Blue Plate Bistro, is moving the business across the street next month, from its current home in the Christie Lodge to the “boat building,” now home to the Vin 48 restaurant.

When the new, bigger restaurant opens, Blue Plate will be on the same side of the street, and in a rough semi-circle, with Vin 48, Pazzo’s, Loaded Joe’s and Finnegan’s Wake.

“It’s a win-win for everybody,” Roustom said.

Moving the four-year-old Blue Plate into a space nearly triple the size of the current restaurant will allow Roustom and his staff to do some different things. People in the kitchen won’t be falling all over each other when the place is buzzing – always a good thing.

But Roustom’s going to be able to expand both the Blue Plate’s menu and its wine list. The restaurant’s existing favorites will remain – breathe easy, meatloaf fans – but there’s also going to be a new steak menu featuring cuts mostly from naturally grown Colorado cows.

The wine list will grow, too, thanks to the bigger, more classy space.

“When you have seven-and-a-half foot ceilings, you just can’t offer a $200 bottle of wine,” Roustom said. “When you have 13-foot ceilings, you have the ambiance to do more things.”

The new Blue Plate is closing next week, and will probably open just before Thanksgiving – about the time the place would re-open for the season anyway.

“I’m really looking forward to it,” Roustom said. And, he added, while the new place will look different, it’s still going to keep the touches his wife brings to the old space.

“It’s still going to have that ‘Ellie’ atmosphere,” he said.

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