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Look who turned 2 yesterday! Happy birthday, McKenzie.

It’s come to our attention that we’ve enabled some pranks in Town Talk recently.The joke’s on us. Ha ha.Now, Town Talk is supposed to be mostly for our readers, so we’ve been pretty casual about our submission standards. And, as so often happens, a few people have now made life more difficult for everyone else.So now we have some new rules. Actually, it’s one new rule with a couple of clauses and some exceptions.1) All Town Talk submissions regarding adults and teenagers must now must come with a home phone number and valid daytime phone number for the person mentioned. This applies to all items, no matter how they’re submitted. The item will not appear until we can contact the person mentioned or his/her family. If we can’t contact any of those people, the item won’t run.

Now for the exceptions.– In the case of pictures of young children, we now require the person submitting the photo to state their relationship with the subject of the picture. Parents, grandparents, aunts and uncles are fine. Friends and well-wishers aren’t.– We know there are often “surprise” photos in Town Talk. For adults and teens, we’ll now only accept surprises from family members – and yes, that means we’re cutting friends and roommates out of the loop. Surprise photos must be cleared through Scott Miller at 949-0555, extension 613. If you don’t talk to Miller – and it’s Scott, not Tamara or Alex – you’re out of luck. — For scum alerts, we need a valid daytime phone number of the person who submitted the item.– We’ll continue to accept submissions from colleges, other schools and nonprofits the way we always have. The general rule is, if it’s on letterhead, it’s cool.

— The other exception is for people we know, who will continue to receive the wide latitude we used to provide everyone. The rules are in effect as of now.Help the Reynolds kidsFrancis and Karl Reynolds need your help.

The Gypsum couple has four kids, all younger than age five: Phillip, Lilly and baby twins Randall and Thomas. Francis has to leave the country for a time, which leaves the family in a bad way. So friends of the Reynolds family are asking for help. Specificially, they are asking for donations to help Karl and the kids get through their mother’s absence. Checks – made out to Karl and with “Reynolds Children Benefit Fund Account” written in the memo line – can be sent to Wells Fargo Bank, P.O. Box 567, Eagle, 81631.You’ll get a little extra sparkle in your halo if you help.Vail, Colorado

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