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New ski lift, new name

Veronica Whitney
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyThe Sunridge Phase 1 condominium building in Avon has a name change to LiftView condominiums to take advantage of their proximity to the new lift at Beaver Creek shown here Wednesday in Avon.

AVON – A new lift can make a frog into a prince. At least that’s what residents and owners of the Sunridge Phase I condominiums expect.Starting last week, the buildings – between the Eagle River and Avon Elementary School, and one of the two complexes named Sunridge down the hill from recently-built chairlifts at Beaver Creek Landing – are now known as LiftView Condominiums. “It’s great. It will increase our property values,” said Buki Fukui, 26, who bought a condo there in September. “People come in from out of town and they don’t know anything about the place. In a year or two we’ll have nothing to do with the other Sunridge.”The Sunridge Phase I Homeowners Association unanimously voted in August to change their name. The change, however, is only for the 165 units in Phase I built in 1978. It doesn’t include Phase II, which is on the south side of the Eagle River and closer to the lifts.

Good changeTo Jeremy Fishinger, who has lived in Sunridge for four years, the change of name was needed because the two phases have different homeowners associations.”We wanted to separate ourselves from the other condominium complex,” said Fishinger, who helped come up with the name. “We have separate boards, we have no relation to each other. And we were making some nice improvements.”In the past years, Sunridge Phase I has change roofs, siding and decks, Fishinger said.”We have our rules enforced and we have been enforcing our fines,” he said. “Maybe we’ll lose the connotations that have always come along with living in Sunridge.”The building will have its own Web site – – where owners will get information on the building. Another big project has been water conservation, Fishinger said. The homeowners association is making all units more water efficient.

Jeff Lineback, a homeowner at Sunridge Phase I and the new on-site manager, said the complex is trying to “reposition” itself. “For a while Sunridge has had a bad reputation,” Lineback said. “There are a lot of locals who as soon as they hear Sunridge for a rental they would hang up. “We want people to come take a second look at us, and don’t prejudge us,” he added. “We’re all neighbors and we should all help each other to improve, but we found out there’s a negative name associated with Sunridge whether it’s Phase I or II.Petra Shambergerova, 38, who has lived in Sunridge Phase II (the other Sunridge) for five years, said the change of name is a good idea.”We should have changed the name before them since we are closer to the lift,” she said. “They are doing the best for themselves. They’ve been taking good care of the property.”

But not everybody likes the new name. Grimaldo Nolasco, who has lived in Sunridge Phase I for 10 years, said he liked the old name better.”The older name had more attraction than this, I don’t know if it was because it was a larger sign,” Nolasco said. “I’ll miss the old name.”Staff Writer Veronica Whitney can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 454 or Vail, Colorado

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