New SOS Outreach begins with ropes course |

New SOS Outreach begins with ropes course

MINTURN ” The newly merged Snowboard Outreach Society and Meet the Wilderness got right to work Saturday with a ropes course for a dozen students at Maloit Park.

The winter-oriented SOS and summer-oriented Meet the Wilderness have perhaps appropriately started life as a joint organization in fall. By becoming one group, SOS Outreach, they figure to save about $100,000 in administrative costs, Outreach Executive Director Arn Menconi said.

But Saturday afternoon was all about the Meet the Wilderness Ropes course for 11 SOS students in a peer mentor program.

“Today I witnessed more bonding in two hours than I see in a full eight hours on the hill,” said Jodi Link, an SOS adult mentor. “The teamwork and prblem solving really brought the junior sherpas together in a wonderful way.”

As the students worked through the course, snippets of their conversations could be heard.

“Pass it on to Isreal.”

“Don’t celebrate before … . It’s too early.”

“You can do it.”

“Sometimes, what you think is right isn’t and you need to listen to everyone for it to work out,” Gabe Hernedez, a ninth-year SOS student, explained later.

“This is how we are going to break the communication barrier, said Tanya Solis, a Colarado Mountain College student, reflecting on what the ropes course taught her about working with others.

“Can we use this for our students before we take them on snow this winter to build better teamwork in them?” Hernedez asked.

“They’re already leading and helping us understand the ways we can bring higher quality programming to youth,” Menconi said. “The students are always teaching the teacher.”

Between them, SOS and Meet the Wildnerness have 49 years of combined youth training and plan to work with more than 5,000 youths this year, Menconi said.

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