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‘New-Urbanism’ comes to Edwards

Nicole Frey

EDWARDS” Why did the river rat get out of the river? To save the river front, of course.

When professional kayakers Katie and Jed Selby left their paddles behind, they did it to prevent a “McMansion-style” developer from building in Buena Vista. The development would likely have cut off the public river access the Selbys hold so dear.

Katie Selby will share the story of her fight during a Green Building Group meeting today. The Selbys weren’t content to just stop the urban sprawl. They had a vision of their own ” one that would bring people together, rather then spread them out.

The new urban solution is the South Main River Park development, a densely packed, mixed use, pedestrian-friendly neighborhood. An alternative to the sprawl, South Main will feature leafy avenues with gable-roofed Arts and Crafts- or Craftsman-style bungalows, frontier Victorian row houses, awning-shaded storefronts, sidewalks and picket fences.

While Matt Scherr, executive director of the Eagle Valley Alliance for Sustainability, which hosts the lecture series, acknowledged progressive development and Buena Vista aren’t expected to go hand in hand, the Selbys are turning their beliefs in community, lifestyle and profitable development into a reality.

“South Main River Park is a New Urbanism-style development that brings services and activities inside the neighborhood and promotes the kind of community our grandparents grew up with,” Scherr said.

The free lecture series features local and regional experts sharing their knowledge about sustainable building practices in the valley to raise public awareness.

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