New Vail cinema should include kids |

New Vail cinema should include kids

Roberta Scheller
Vail, CO Colorado

Last year I attended a Vail Town Council meeting at which a young man (about 12 years old) stood up and spoke in favor of Solaris. He stated that “there is nothing for the kids in Vail to do in the evenings.” Solaris would provide movie theaters, an arcade and bowling alleys bringing in evening activities for him and other youngsters.

So much for the movie theaters. This young man will not be able to attend them at night until he is 21 years old.

To add insult to injury, an editorial in the Vail Daily stated that families and/or youngsters could go to the movie theaters in Edwards or Eagle. This young man is not old enough to drive! Do most destination visitors to Vail have automobiles? Or will they wish to drive to Edwards or Eagle, particularly during snowy winter months. Nor have I heard recent mention of the arcade. Have plans for it been abandoned? What is happening to the benefits promised by Solaris?

What would this young man say today to the Town Council?

Editor’s note: Solaris developers say that while the Cinebistro luxury movie theater chain typically does not allow children at night, the Vail theater will make an effort to include children.

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