New Vail iV Wellness & Recovery brings mobile treatments to your home, hotel or office |

New Vail iV Wellness & Recovery brings mobile treatments to your home, hotel or office

Avon residents Andrew and Kristin Pilecki launched Vail iV Wellness & Recovery at the end of November. The business aims to meet wellness and recovery needs in people’s homes, hotels or offices. (Special to the Daily)

Knock, knock — did someone order the Myer’s Cocktail, Hangover Reboot or Immunity Boost?

Whether you’re looking to boost immunity, increase athletic performance or simply want to cure altitude sickness or a hangover, registered nurses with Vail iV Wellness & Recovery will come to your home, hotel or office and administer the treatment promoted by celebrities and athletes.

The new company launched by locals Andrew and Kristin Pilecki offers iVs, vitamin shots and supplemental oxygen using its mobile tool boxes to deliver a variety of treatments across the valley. Each treatment is designed to meet specific needs, such as altitude sickness, immune system enhancements, energy boosts, detoxification, anti-aging, neuro-regeneration, pain management or athletic recovery.

The Immunity Boost is designed to boost immune systems, prevent illness and promote optimal wellness while the Hangover Reboot helps hit the reset button to replenish the body. The Altitude Adjustment is ideal for a quick re-hydration and the Myer’s Cocktail is a comprehensive mixture of fluids, vitamins, electrolytes, minerals and antioxidants. There’s also the Athletic Recovery & Performance option for after a strenuous day skiing, and the NAD+ Boost is an anti-aging treatment that prevents and repairs DNA damage, eases anxiety, increases metabolism, promotes mental clarity and more.

“We’re all mobile,” said Andrew, who is also a firefighter. “When you’re hungover or not feeling well, we’ll go straight to the houses and hotel rooms.”

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As a “concierge iV therapy” business, Vail iV Wellness & Recovery is designed to be convenient and comfortable — especially when people aren’t feeling their best and might not want or need to venture out.

“They want to be in their bed, in their sweatpants with hot chocolate in their hand watching ‘Home Alone’ while they get an iV,” said Kristin, an emergency nurse. “Our goal is to make it the most convenient and most comfortable for them.”

Vail iV Wellness & Recovery also has options for those feeling well and simply wanting some assistance in maintaining their health — or having fun and splurging on a new experience. Andrew said gatherings such as bachelor and bachelorette parties might enjoy the self-care experience.

Based out of their Avon home, Vail iV Wellness & Recovery currently serves Vail, Beaver Creek, Avon, Edwards and Wolcott.

Cost for treatments start at $187 and go up to $600. Memberships are available as well.

“We live locally, we work locally and we’re locally owned and operated, so you get that local vibe,” Kristin said.

Despite launching a new business during a global pandemic, Andrew and Kristin had the idea and didn’t want to miss the opportunity. They had seen the trend growing in places like Aspen and Denver and believe the business will see similar success here in Eagle County. Their goal is to hire more local employees and bring on contractor nurses.

Andrew went to college in Michigan and then was a Naval officer for four years stationed in California, where he met Kristin, who was attending nursing school. After she graduated, they picked up and moved to Avon.

“We never really wanted a backyard with grass that we had to mow. We wanted the world to be our backyard,” Kristin said. “We checked this place out and fell in love with Avon. Avon’s where we stuck and realized it’s where we want to live and raise a family and grow our community.”

For more information or to see the full iV Wellness & Recovery treatments menu — available in the comfort of your own home — visit

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