New Vail laws won’t be printed in newspaper |

New Vail laws won’t be printed in newspaper

Melanie Wong
Vail, CO Colorado

VAIL, Colorado ” The text of Vail, Colorado’s new or proposed laws will no longer be published in the newspaper, town officials decided earlier this week.

In the past, the town of Vail, as required by law, has printed the full text of the laws in a “publication.” The town spent almost $20,000 per year to publish the laws in the Vail Daily.

This summer, the Town Council had discussed but discarded the idea of ceasing the newspaper publications, saying that the print system worked and that not everyone had Internet access.

However, as part of budget cuts, the Town Council voted 5-2 on Tuesday to stop printing the laws in the Vail Daily and publish the text on the town’s Web site instead.

Some still had reservations, worrying that the change would make it more difficult for some people to keep updated with the town’s ordinances.

While many people get their information online, many older residents may not be able to access in the information as easily, said Councilman Farrow Hitt, who voted against the proposal.

Vail Daily Publisher Steve Pope called the decision a “mistake,” saying that just because the laws are published online does not mean that the laws will be conveniently or easily accessed.

“It is unreasonable to expect that the common person will regularly go to the town’s Internet site just in case an ordinance is passed that may impact them,” Pope said. “Over 90 percent of the folks in the valley read the Vail Daily, and a simple scan of the newspaper will keep readers up to speed with ordinance changes.”

Some council members suggested that the town could still buy ads in the newspaper announcing new laws and referring readers to the town Web site.

Pope said that alternative is better than publishing only online, but is not a complete solution.

“It fails as a solution due to the fact that it makes the determination of ‘important’ subject to the interpretation and whims of town staff,” he said. “There are changes that may be important to a group of folks, large or small, that may not hit the radar as important to town staff.”

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