New Vail Village delivery schedule starts Friday |

New Vail Village delivery schedule starts Friday

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VAIL, Colorado ” A new plan to keep delivery trucks off Vail Village streets during busy hours starts a 60-day test run Friday.

During the pilot program, the Vail Police Department will be monitoring the streets and educating drivers rather than handing out lots of tickets. An interim update on the pilot program’s progress will be presented to the Town Council at its Feb. 17 meeting. The Vail Town Council make final modifications to the program on Mar. 17.

If you have questions or concerns, contact Commander Susan Douglas in the Vail Police Department at 970-479-2352 or by e-mail,

Below are commonly asked questions about the Mountain Plaza loading and delivery docks, a new facility open from 6 a.m. to 6 p.m.

Q. Engine shut off ” what’s required?

A. Engines are to be shut off when parked. Refrigeration units may be left running.

Q. Are electric carts approved for use on pedestrian walkways?

A. No.

Q. Once above ground from the elevator to the pedestrian area, is there a required delivery route?

A. No, goods may be delivered as preferred.

Q. Will there be a time limit for unloading at the dock?

A. No.

Q. If chains are prohibited inside the facility, where do trucks de-chain?

A. Trucks can remove their chains at the Interstate 70 westbound chain down station at mile marker 179 or at the Lionshead RV lot for eastbound traffic.

Q. Damage liability ” who’s responsible?

A. The owners and operators of the loading and delivery facility disclaim any liability for losses to property or injury to person resulting from use of the docks. Users are responsible for all damages that result from their use of the facilities and are responsible for complying with all rules, regulations, policies or guidelines applicable to the use of the facilities.

Q. Ventilation ” what standards does it meet?

A. The ventilation system is designed to operate above the code minimum at 1.5 CFM when activated by the CO monitors, which are UL Listed 2034 and installed to NFPA 720 Code.

Q. Work comp issues ” how will they be addressed?

A. Work comp issues will be handled by the company the individual filing the claim works for.

Q. Security of goods “- who’s responsible?

A. Each company is responsible for the security of it’s own goods.

Q. What about blindside backing ” isn’t it a hazard?

A. Drivers should be experienced in all aspects of vehicle operations. The town asks drivers to use their mirrors and employ spotters and other safety practices.

Q. Who will monitor day-to-day use?

A. Vail Resort Mountain Operations.

Q. Are controls needed to manage truck size in specific bays?

A. There is a large sign located on the east end of the garage, which designates the maximum size vehicle that fits in each loading bay. This is intended to be self-policing.

Q. What happens when loading dock is full?

A. The variable message sign on Vail Road will indicate a full dock. Trucks are then advised to speak with Checkpoint Charlie for other loading zones.

Q. Could there be an appointment/reservation system for use of the dock?

A. Not at the present time. It will be considered in the future if necessary.

Q. What happens if the elevators aren’t working properly?

A. Immediately notify Vail Resorts Security at 970-754-3049 and report the problem.

Q. Can cell phone service be expanded to the loading docks?

A. Not at this time. However, cell service is available at the elevators and a courtesy phone will be installed on the loading dock for local calls.

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