New Year’s resolutions? Nope, indulgence |

New Year’s resolutions? Nope, indulgence

J.K. Perry
NWS New Year1 SM 12-31

VAIL – Rocky would appreciate if passerby in Vail Village threw him the occasional carrot or apple.No one can talk to a 2,400-pound horse of course, but if Rocky could yikkity yak, he’d tell you about his other hopes for New Year’s indulgence.”He eats hay, he eats grain. He likes long walks on the beach,” carriage driver Reed McConville. “He lives with all guys, so maybe he’d like a woman in his life.”And the holidays are killer on the hooves.”He’s being worked pretty hard because of the crowds,” McConville said. “He’s looking forward to time off in January.”

Rather than make a resolution, Rocky and the many mammals in Vail Village said Saturday they’d like to indulge in some small sins in the new year. One could see Jessica Pollman and her three friends were prepared to do a little sinning Saturday night.What does Pollman want more of in the New Year?”Men,” she said.What about men?”It’s private,” Pollman said.

“We all plan to let our guards down,” friend Jane Cleveland said.”Lots of alcohol,” Kristen Lovda chimed in.Bob Barker is the right price for friends Adam Fischer, Brian Rapini and Thomas Alleman.”We’re going to see the ‘Price is Right’ in California,” Rapini said. “If you ask anybody, they know the ‘Price is Right’ and they know Bob Barker.”This trio wasn’t all game-show tameness.

“We plan to jump out of a plane this year,” Fischer said. “Some dangerous stuff.”Alleman aspired to break into the show business on MTV’s ‘Made.'”I wanna have them make me into a guy who can sing,” he said.Some people’s wish for gratification were more immediate.”Sleep. That’s because I’m on three hours,” Tyler Cherney said. “I want to snowboard more, hang out with my friends and not work as much.”

Josh Gibson has already consistently imbibed.”I’ve already indulged. Keep on keeping on,” he said.Staff Writer J.K. Perry can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 14622, or Vail, Colorado

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