New York City comedian Katie Hannigan headlines Vail Comedy Show Wednesday

NYC comedian Katie Hannigan will headline two shows in the valley this week.
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  • What: Katie Hannigan headlines Vail Comedy Show
  • When and where: Wednesday, Sept. 20 in Eagle at Moe’s Original BBQ; Thursday, Sept. 21 in Vail Village at Shakedown Bar
  • Tickets and more info:

Vail Comedy Show is back Wednesday in Eagle at Moe’s Original BBQ and on Thursday in Vail Village at Shakedown Bar. New York City comedian Katie Hannigan from “The Late Show with Stephen Colbert” and “The Late Late Show with James Corden” will be headlining. 

Hannigan has a podcast with Sarah Tollemache called “Lady Journey” and will be performing at High Plains Comedy Festival in Denver this weekend. Below are some of her responses from a recent Q&A.

Have you ever performed in the Vail Valley?

No! I’m looking forward to it. I usually get altitude symptoms, so I’m going to use this as a big excuse to self-medicate with carbs. I’m not sure if this works, but I did read that it helps with altitude. 

Do you have a favorite Colorado comedy memory? 

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I love Colorado and love performing here! I always have a great time. One when I was performing in 2019, I landed during that insane mid-March blizzard and was stuck on the runway for about three hours. Everyone was freaking out, a couple of people barfed. Total societal breakdown. I finally got an Uber to the place I was staying, and the blizzard was so intense we almost went off the road! It was some real Donner Party stuff. The next day the snow had completely melted. 

You have a popular podcast can you tell us about it?

I host a podcast called “Lady Journey” with fellow comedian Sarah Tollemache. We discuss our private lives as touring comics and whatever lifestyle fads we’re into at the time. We have had guests from all over TV and TikTok including Nikki Glaser, Katie Nolan, and Dan Rosen. 

Any major events coming up?

I’ll be on the road for the rest of the fall. I’m going to be releasing some new sketches on my Instagram as well! I’m also going to be getting back to work with acting auditions after the strike ends. 

You live in New York City but tour nationally, how does Colorado compare to other markets?

Colorado is an amazing city to perform comedy. The crowds are knowledgeable, smart and fun! 

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How would you describe your comedy?

Millennial Joan Rivers. I enjoy classic joke writing and I try to apply it to my life in an organic way. I split my time between clubs and alternative venues, so I’m kind of like the comedy you’d find in a club, but with some more nuanced topics. 

What is next for Katie Hannigan?

I’ll be recording my second album in summer 2024!

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Vail Comedy Show will be back in October with Orion Levine from San Francisco who has appeared on The Late Late Show with James Corden and was part of the prestigious Just For Laughs comedy festival with 2022 Vail Comedy Festival headliner Caitlin Peluffo. He will be performing in Eagle and Vail.  

Tickets for all shows are available at

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