New York Philharmonic has an impact |

New York Philharmonic has an impact

Dick Hauserman/Special to the Daily
Special to the DailyJoe Robinson, principal oboist for the New York Philharmonic, and Dick Hauserman, one of Vail's first residents.

Each season, something dramatic seems to happen in the little town that started as a cattle ranch only 41 years ago in 1962.

The resounding applause and overwhelming enthusiasm for the New York Philharmonic Symphony Orchestra brought Vail to new heights. Between the orchestra and the thrilled audience, a new synergy of community togetherness spread far beyond the Ford Amphitheater.

Lorin Maazel, one of the world’s finest conductors, led the way. His moving leadership was so obvious. He’s a very elegant, intense person who performed brilliantly. He dignified the term maestro.

For the most part, the weather was nice, but not even a rainy evening dampened the spirit that echoed through the community. Our hearts went out to the hardy fans with multi-colored umbrellas who packed the open lawn during the storm.

Vail has been lucky to have so many financial benefactors that have made possible the wonderful cultural development in our valley. Those of us who enjoy what they have given to so many people from all walks of life should be very thankful.

The New York Philharmonic touched our hearts and our town.

Yes, it did bring community enjoyment to a new level.

Bravo, Bravo and Bravo New York!

“Close Harmony”

With all of the excitement about having the New York Philharmonic in town, my wife, Babba and I enjoyed 10 wonderful days hosting the principal oboist, Joe Robinson, and his talented violinist wife, Mary Kay.

It was a new experience for us and we loved every minute. Joe had the opportunity to meet many people outside of the Ford Amphitheater as he was toured through Vail, Beaver Creek, Bachelor Gulch and Cordillera. He heard how the local people enjoyed the unusual opportunities to hear beautiful music. He was overwhelmed by the reception.

On the other hand, we had the chance to meet and be with several of the musicians. What a thrill for us to be exposed to the finer nuances of symphonic music.

When Joe and his family arrived, our appreciation of fine music was in the basement, when they left, we were on the first floor – but they were still on the twentieth floor!

What impressed Mr. Robinson was how the entire orchestra reacted to being in the mountains. They reveled in the beauty. Many took hikes, photos, played golf, went rafting and visited the many shops and restaurants. It was a family vacation of sorts.

For most all of us, it was great to have them here, hear their wonderful music and look forward to their return next summer.

Again, thank you Bravo!, and all the volunteers who made us enjoy so much those 10 wonderful days. Perhaps next year, more of the musicians will have the opportunity to share the true mountain experience as guests in private homes.

Dick Hauserman, the author of “The Inventor’s of Vail, was the first resident in Vail” and is a frequent contributor to the Vail Daily.

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