Next generation in relationships emerging |

Next generation in relationships emerging

Cliff Thompson
Dominique Taylor/Vail DailyChristian Frerecks works from home on, a new internet information business he has just begun trialing in the Vail Valley.

EAGLE COUNTY – Christian Frerecks of Avon and his partners in New York City are developing what they think will be the next generation of technological convenience for consumers and businesses.The Vail Valley will be the place where it’s tested before a national roll out. They’re hoping to make their business as much of a household item – and as functional – as the Yellow Pages. They’re calling it “,” a new way for businesses and consumers to use computers to work together. They’ve applied for a patent for the concept. Their company, Directory, is attempting to solve the problems consumers have using e-mail – too many choices, SPAM, viruses, junk mailings and junk-mail filters – as well the unwanted attention they get from using the Internet. It solves those problems by putting the customer in charge.They’re also trying to use the convenience of technology to let businesses of all size stay in closer contact with existing customers by using technology to provide information that customers request. “It’s all about giving people control over how they get information,” said Frerecks, 38, who moved to Avon three years ago after the dot-com bubble burst. “You don’t have to visit until you’re ready to do so.”

How’s it work?It works like this: A customer, John Doe, decides to subscribe to the free service. It’s an anonymous registration that will not be shared with other services, so there won’t be any unwanted messages. Doe creates a list of businesses, civic organizations, government and nonprofit organizations that he wants to hear from when they have an event or news to pass along. That information is captured and stored by and can be accessed at Doe’s convenience.For businesses, it provides a streamlined and inexpensive way to keep in touch with existing customers without the expense of direct mail and enable businesses to charge customers according to use. The content of what they supply will be dictated by the very people they need – their customers.”This enables one-to-one marketing after you’ve already established a relationship with the customer,” Frerecks said.

Hard softwareBehind this concept is a dauntingly complex bit of proprietary Web services technology that pulls information from hundreds or thousands of huge databases and aggregates in one easy-to-find place that will be just a click or two away. It’s called DSIGN – Direct Source Interactive Global Network. So far the company, which has taken more than three years to develop the technology, has used a number of “angels” – private investors who provide start-up capital for businesses.Now it’s hitting the technological streets here in Eagle County where Frerecks will be establishing a retail business model that will be rolled out to other markets across the country.”This will serve every business in this valley and the country in a way they’ve never taken advantage of before,” he said.

One of the organizations Frerecks has been working with to develop his venture is the Vail Valley Foundation. “They’re the center of influence here,” he said.If their new business works as envisioned, Directory Xpress will become a wholesale information clearinghouse between huge databases of information and consumer organizations.Myinfopage.com970-471-3079Staff Writer Cliff Thompson can be reached at 949-0555, ext. 450, or

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