Nibbles: The scoop on food happenings in Eagle County |

Nibbles: The scoop on food happenings in Eagle County

Caramie Schnell
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EDWARDS ” Bring on the butcher. The valley is finally getting a butcher shop. Pollyanna Forster, co-owner of Eat! Drink! and Dish! Restaurant in Edwards and Chris Irving, also of Eat! Drink! are branching into the protein side of life. Their newest venture, called Cuts: Artisan Meats and Seafood, is set to open “June-ish,” Forster said, depending on construction. The store will be located next door to Eat! Drink! in Edwards.

“Our tagline is ‘protein for the soul,'” Forester said.

The couple’s plan is to carry 40 types of meat and 40 types of seafood along with a live tank with lobsters flown in twice weekly.

“As with Eat, we are cutting out the distributor, the middleman, and working directly with the producer or farmer,” Forster said. “We are going to be getting a lot of stuff from Colorado ” from ranchers in Carbondale, Paonia and Hotchkiss. We’re working with a poultry farmer to do heritage chickens and fresh eggs and milk. Not only are (the chickens) organic and free range, it’s older breeds of chickens, kind of like heirloom tomatoes. The chickens are juicier and have more flavor.”

VAIL ” Kelly Liken is scrapping its regular menu every Sunday from June 15 through Sept. 7 in favor of a spontaneous three-course “Summer Harvest Supper” for $45. Each Sunday morning, Liken and her sous chef will head to the Vail Farmers’ Market to buy fresh produce, which will inspire a three-course meal to be served that evening in the restaurant.

“It’ll be a super-healthy, fresh, delicious meal with locally grown food,” Liken said.

Liken and crew will prepare two first courses, three entree choices (one fish, one meat and one vegetarian option) and a dessert for diners to choose from.

“I have a chance to get creative and source the highest-quality products as well as new ingredients guests might not normally find on the menu,” Liken said. “I want to encourage locals and foodies to explore the Vail Valley through the tastes, textures and aromas of its locally grown produce.”

The summer harvest menu will start out with dishes such as arugula and watermelon salad, fried green tomatoes with Colorado wildflower honey and Haystack Farms feta and Morales Farms Turnip and Apple Soup. Entrees will include wild nettle risotto with brown butter and shaved Romano cheese, pot roasted poussin with baby root vegetables and beet risotto; Colorado wildflower honey-glazed duck breast with “high altitude” turnips, Colorado peaches and collard greens. Guests will finish off with house-made desserts like peach crostatta with house-made vanilla-bean ice cream.

EDWARDS ” Instead of the usual offseason specials at French Press, owner Zak Stone is lowering the prices at his Edwards eatery for good, he said. About 30 percent of the menu is going to change ” “the beef tenderloin will go back to steak frites; we’ll do two pasta dishes instead of one. The lamb will change ” it won’t be little chops or anything but more like a skewer of lamb loin.”

Prices for entrees will range from $11 to $22 with most things costing between $14 and $16, Stone said.

“We’re not going to sacrifice quality ” it’ll still be white-tabelcloth, nice bistro dining ” it’ll just fall a little more in line with what people expect from the prices we do breakfast and lunch at.”

Stone recently opened Angelino in Eagle Ranch with Juan Anon, the head chef at The French Press and Angelino. The prices at their Italian joint are similar to what The French Press will now offer, with pastas starting at $11.

“We’re pricing it way more towards the locals. We opened Angelino to this pricing, and I actually got thanked for pricing it like that,” Stone said.

Have any restaurant rumors for us to follow up on? Have something to spill? E-mail High Life Editor Caramie Schnell at or call 748-2984.

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