Nice, gentle dog<riiighht |

Nice, gentle dog<riiighht

Cindy Ramunno

Two years ago we decided to get a dog. Not just any dog. We thought we would 3save one from the Eagle County Animal Shelter.There are so many dogs and cats around without homes. I mean, that1s the right thing to do, right?When I went to look at the selection, one adorable mutt caught my eye. She was mellow and sweet. She was clean. She was cute. She seems very happy and content. Picture this: tan and white, boxer-beagle and everything else mixed. If you can1t visualize the way she looks, you can look at any blue coin collection can from the Humane Society in this valley and see her picture in the far right upper corner. She1s the one on the leash with her tongue hanging out.She1s so good-looking, she1s still gracing the advertisements for the shelter. Or she may still be there because the staff at the shelter thinks there1s a good chance she1ll be back there.When I asked about her, they said she was very easy. She was about a year old and great to be around. She is calm. She is obedient.She was found in Bond on the side of the road and she needs a good home. They made her sound like a dream dog. It cost me about $75 to adopt her from the shelter, which was a good deal. She had her shots. She was spayed. It included her license.So after filling out more paperwork than it probably takes to adopt a kid, I finally had the 3perfect dog to take home to my kids.Like I said, that was two years ago. She is not mellow, she1s downright hyper. She is a complete spazz. They didn1t tell me that the reason she was so mellow at the shelter was because she had just been spayed and was drugged up. Where can I get more of those drugs? Since she1s part beagle, her nose takes her places she shouldn1t be. She is always 3in pursuit of a scent, but she1s not smart enough to know what that scent is.She runs any chance she gets <and it1s not because she1s unhappy. She gets plenty of attention and variety at home. I think it1s a shelter thing.She has been picked up by animal control about five times. Each time I1ve bailed her out, it has cost me major bucks. Why doesn1t someone open up a bail bonds business for dogs?Recently she was charged with being 3at large because her license wasn1t on her collar when she was picked up. She1s smart enough to somehow get her license off her collar, but not smart enough to learn to roll over. When I go to get her in doggy jail, she is extremely excited to see me. Because of the 3at large charge, I had to pay the town of Eagle $62 and prove that she actually had a current license <to avoid going to court over the matter. This was on top of my fine at the shelter.I see tons of dogs running loose every night in the town of Eagle. How come mine is the only one that gets picked up? Is it because she1s a repeat offender? Is it because she1s not as crime smart as her counterparts? She probably walks right up to the animal control officer<she1s very friendly.For all of you animal rights activists out there, don1t worry. I1m not going to do anything that would offend you. We1re not getting rid of the dog.My kids love her too much. She fiercely protects them and returns the love. They think she1s the greatest dog on earth.Thank goodness for my neighbors who have called at times and have saved me money. She1s actually kind of growing on me, too<though I have no idea why.Cindy Ramunno of Eagle writes a weekly column for the Daily.

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