Nice testimonial for Vail Daily |

Nice testimonial for Vail Daily

Lissa Hartridge
Eagle-Vail, CO, Colorado

We have a place in Eagle/Vail, but aren’t able to spend all of our time there. I love your paper and read it every day when in the Valley. Back at home, I have to read it online, which I do every day. I find the paper version more fun and easier to read and would have it sent here if possible. I am also in that “boomer” category, people who still prefer reading their paper in a comfortable chair with a nice cup of coffee. I have found the Vail Daily to be one of the most intelligent, and humorous papers I have ever read. Most papers take themselves so seriously that they can’t inject a little humor in stories that are begging for an ironic spin.Keep up the good work!

Lissa Hartridge

Kalamazoo, Mich., and Eagle/Vail

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