Nicole Wells, Eagle Valley High School |

Nicole Wells, Eagle Valley High School

Special to the DailyJeannette Baker and Nicole Wells

Nicole WellsEagle Valley High SchoolTown you live in: EagleHow long in the valley: My entire long 18 years of life.Have you been affected at all by “senioritis” and ifso, how are you dealing with it? I have been affected by senioritis all four years of high school. First it was freshmanitis, then sophomoritis, then junioritis and now the unberable senioritis. I’m dealing with it very well – as of right now I only taqke three classes a day, continue to be late to every class, and rarely pay attention! What are your future plans? I hope to attend the University of Iowa or Indiana University to major in education and possibly Spanish.Fondest high school memory: There have been so so many – anything that involves my friends, being involved at school, crazy weekends, sports, school spirit, everything!How has your high school prepared you for the future? I think it’s less of high school that has prepared me for the future but instead the events that have occurred within. I lost my dad in a house fire my junior year, have broken my spleen, been suspended from school, and dealt with so much more. But I believe that everything that has happened in these past four years were just the stepping stones to prepare me for the real world and the rest of my life.Tell us something that few people know about you: I have an amazing tattoo in memory of my daddy.What makes you smile? Being around my friends is one of the best ways to make me smile – they are all amazing!

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